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How to Keep your Website Design Looking Fresh | VizionOnline

Every business wants to have a successful, up-to-date website. However, this can often prove to be a significant challenge. On the one hand, maintaining and improving your website can take time and effort that could easily be spent on other areas of your business. Furthermore, with the web design industry rapidly evolving, a website that was once cutting edge can soon start to look dated, particularly if it’s not regularly updated.

Why then is it so important to keep your website design looking fresh? Is it simply an unrealistic ambition?

We certainly don’t think so. There are numerous reasons why it’s necessary to keep your website design looking fresh. You will continue to have a positive impact on new visitors. Newer websites tend to carry more clout when it comes to creating a good first impression. It’s also very important from an SEO and marketing perspective; keeping your website design looking fresh will involve several steps that will in turn generate better search engine rankings. New content, better user experience and regular maintenance will all benefit your website’s search performance, in addition to directly benefiting your conversion rate.

Whilst website maintenance and improvement is a large area that cannot be covered in one blog post, here are 4 simple steps that will help you to keep your website design looking fresh.

How to Keep your Website Design Looking Fresh

1. Blog Regularly

It might sound like a slightly left-of-field suggestion, but blogging regularly will immediately show your website visitors that your website is current and contemporary, even if it was designed a few years ago. Creating new content will always create a positive impression when people first arrive on your site. It’s also no surprise that people who blog regularly will have a greater appreciation of the importance of keeping their website looking fresh and will be more prepared to take steps towards making this happen.

2. Update your Portfolio

One of the quickest and easiest way to bring a contemporary edge to your website is to update your portfolio with your most recent work. Whilst an impressive portfolio will always carry authority, more recent projects will be more engaging and help to demonstrate to readers that your business is at the cutting edge of its industry. If you have a visual portfolio then this will also help, helping to mask any dated website characteristics and draw your reader’s attention to the current projects you’ve been working on.

3. Change and Refresh your Images

Similarly, changing and refreshing your images will help to freshen up your site, whether you’re making seasonal alterations or simply looking to make a change. Regular visitors to your site will immediately notice the changes.

4. Maintain Dialogue with your Web Designer

Finally, regular conversation with your web designer will help to keep your website looking fresh, for various reasons. It will give you a clearer indication of the small changes that can be made over time – often at a much lower cost than you might have anticipated. It will enable you to keep up with the latest website design trends and make a more informed decision about which trends are relevant to your business and which will quickly come to pass. Perhaps most importantly of all, regular dialogue with your web designer will help you to identify when you need a new website and exactly what you’re going to need to keep one step ahead of the competition.