10 Innovative Approaches to Digital Marketing

13th June 2022


When it comes to making the most of your marketing budget, there are the old standards, such as content or email marketing, and the new players, like voice search optimisation. Judging what still works, where there’s room for innovation, and where you should be balancing your budget is exactly why we put this quick article together. Here are ten innovative, powerful approaches to digital marketing.  

Video Marketing

Video marketing isn’t just amazing on-site content, but it’s perfect for social media, sharing and lots of other digital marketing applications. You don’t need to be coming up with massive expensive long-form videos either. Shorter, more digestible guides, announcements, events, whatever, can make for really great content that’s far easier to market to your audience than long articles or blog posts. Video typically performs much better on social media as well.  

SEO Remains Crucial for Innovative Digital Marketing

The fact is, 95% of traffic goes to the first page results. This is basically inescapable, and if you’re thinking you can prioritise other forms of digital marketing over SEO completely, you’re going to be in for a rude awakening. SEO remains vital, and it should form a key part of your digital marketing approach in 2022. However, you shouldn’t view SEO as its own separate approach, but rather all the different forms of digital marketing can help contribute to a great ranking, especially if done with the right unified focus on branding and keywords.

Don’t Neglect Local Search Marketing

While it can be appealing to think only in terms of national or global marketing, daydreaming about the vast numbers of potential conversions and traffic out there, for many businesses, prioritising local search marketing can be massively beneficial in terms of easy results. Depending on your business or industry, it can be transformative for your entire digital marketing approach.

Voice Search Optimisation

With voice search becoming commonplace in the last few years, you don’t want to be the last mobile website or brand that fails to embrace voice search optimisation. The fact is, without making sure your site is popping up for voice searches, you’re going to be missing out on easy traffic gains, so make sure you’re prioritising voice search. The fact is, voice search is only going to keep growing and becoming more ubiquitous. That means get on board now. Or get on board later once everyone else has scooped up those easy traffic boosts. Easy choice as far as innovative digital marketing goes.

Number of Digital Voice Assistants in Use Worldwide

innovative digital marketing

Marketing Automation

Whether we’re talking simple analytics software, keeping an eye on website or social media performance, or full-on posting, scheduling automation. Some degree of automation within your digital marketing is going to make everything run smoother. This will help you really dial in your approach and make sure your strategy is balanced just right. All while helping you trim the fat.

Content Can Still Be Innovative Digital Marketing

The phrase “content is king” might be more than a little worn-out, but it remains solidly true. However, where once you could rely singularly on simple text guides and articles, that’s no longer going to cut it. You need to have a variety of content forms, from text to apps, images and infographics to video. This is vital when it comes to making the most of your content, and really squeezing every bit of ROI out of each piece. 

Regular Social Media Content Series

Let’s face it, posting random, unpredictable content on your brand’s social media page isn’t just less effective, it’s harder to do consistently. Always having to come up with a fresh new post or idea isn’t ideal. That’s why it’s ideal to have some kind of regular content schedule. Whether that’s a weekly, daily, or monthly series, it can help you see regular results, while making your job easier. Consistency is always the name of the game when it comes to thriving within innovative digital marketing, whether you’re talking about growing ROI, traffic or being able to utilise analytics.

Team Up with Another Brand

Brand collaborations can prove an easy way to unify your digital marketing efforts with other brands. This increases your reach and boosts ROI massively. When two brands come together on social media, for collaboration posts, events, announcements, whatever, you can expect far more reach, sharing and overall better results. This is always going to be a great way to really make the best use of social media platforms. As well as proving an effective and innovative digital marketing strategy.

Keep a Focus on Trending Topics

One of the best, long-standing ways to really catch a wave and start growing your social media presence is making content around trending topics. Now obviously you have to be sensitive to the topics you choose. However, if you produce the right piece of copy around the right trending topic, you can expect big results. From boosting shares to engagement and really seeing your brand soar. Pay attention to what is trending and try to build content around these topics as they’re increasing in popularity and engagement.

Influencer Marketing is Innovative Digital Marketing

Everyone knows about influencer marketing. While there are some pitfalls to it, it can still absolutely be a strong and innovative digital marketing approach. What it comes down to is really understanding your target audience and market. If you can figure out your audience, down to granular details, you’ll be able to make influencer marketing work. This means you need to build any kind of successful influencer marketing on great research and data analytics. Pay attention to these, and influencer marketing could prove the perfect approach. 

innovative digital marketing

Effectively, the most innovative digital marketing approach is going to be built on a combination of approaches. From older, more reliable options such as email and content marketing to more innovative options like influencer marketing. Ultimately, it’s a game of balancing your efforts and budget strategically. All while paying close attention to analytics to keep your strategy honed and focused.