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How to Pick a UK Website Design Company


Deciding to revamp your website is one thing. Figuring out how to pick a UK website design company to work with can be a quite different matter…

When it comes to choosing any professional services there are certain criteria that will always feature. You’ll be looking for a reputable and established company with a good reputation in their field (and yours!). You’ll be keen to ensure that the company’s ethos will fit with yours. You’ll want to establish a sense of rapport and trust with key individuals in that company.

However, when you’re in the process of commissioning a UK website design company there are more specific criteria that you should be looking to address. Here are 5 areas to consider that should help you to find the best web design agency for your company’s new website:


Needless to say, the web design company’s portfolio will be an important factor. This will give you an idea of the type of clients the agency has worked with and the kind of work that they can produce.

It’s also worth speaking to the company about the projects that they are currently working on. The web design industry is rapidly changing and industry standards are constantly evolving. In other words, whilst checking out the website design company’s portfolio is essential, their best and most recent work might not have made it into the portfolio yet…

Development & Design Skills

It’s important to realise that “website design” incorporates various skillsets and processes. The most noticeable distinction is that which exists between web design and web development.

The design process is where the visual and branded components of your website are produced. This tends to be an extremely visual, artistic, creative process. The development process is where the website is built. This tends to be a more scientific, hidden, behind-the-scenes type process. Picking the right UK website design agency will require you find an agency which are equally proficient in the design and development processes.


An often overlooked factor when choosing a web design agency is timing. This involves finding a company with an excellent project management culture. If you’ve got a fixed deadline or impending launch date you’re going to need guarantees that the project will be finished to the agreed standard by an agreed deadline.

If the company leave you in any doubt about their ability to do this, it’s probably worth continuing your search.

SEO, Social Media and Marketing?

Rolling out a new website is more than simply a design and development process; you should be looking for a web design company which can offer a range of SEO, social media and marketing services to help you get the new site off the ground.

Whilst this might be something that will be primarily implemented in-house, the strategic input provided by your web design agency will prove invaluable.

Maintenance Contracts

Finally, have a look at the small-print. It’s important that you secure an effective website maintenance contract, without paying the earth for services that you don’t need.

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