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How Social Media is Taking Over eCommerce Digital Marketing

26th May 2021

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When it comes to your influence over the way your eCommerce business brand is perceived online, your authority, your literal connection and communication with your customers, nothing is more important than social media, and eCommerce digital marketing is the key to this.

Going by the last few years alone, social media marketing has been steadily taking over the way eCommerce businesses represent themselves online. Providing opportunities for paid marketing, content marketing, customer service, brand engagement, and a range of other huge opportunities.

Brand Engagement Humanises Your Business

            One of the major challenges every online business is always going to face is how to humanise your business. Reaching out to customers and defining your brand while imposing industry authority and increasing customer accessibility is always going to be essential when it comes to really beginning to develop your online presence as an eCommerce business.

As an online business, making your mark in an increasingly crowded marketplace is going to require utilising all the tools at your disposal. No business can afford to ignore the importance of brand engagement, especially as an element of eCommerce digital marketing.

Customer Service is Always Vital

            Fundamentally, eCommerce will always be predominantly about convenience. That’s the big advantage over the high street. People want ease, and they want it now, and customer service is a key part of this puzzle. If you can’t answer someone’s question, or if you don’t let customer’s feel listened to, in the blink of an eye, they’re on your competitor’s websites. Customer service has always been important, but now there are more ways than ever to make your business available to your customers.

Increasingly, social media business pages are a great avenue of direct business to customer communication. Giving businesses a real opportunity to provide information, as well as foster brand identity, authority and engagement.

Social Media eCommerce Digital Marketing

            Lastly, you’ve got digital marketing through social media. From organic to paid approaches. Social media marketing has to play a major role in any digital marketing and SEO campaign worth it’s salt. As previously mentioned, even with a relatively niche business model, chances are you’re working with an increasingly crowded marketplace. That means you cannot afford to neglect any avenues of marketing, especially not the increasingly important social media.

Paid eCommerce Digital Marketing

            From Instagram to Facebook and Pinterest to Tik Tok. All social media have paid marketing systems allowing eCommerce businesses to supercharge their marketing campaigns, for a price. This can make for a powerful choice when it comes to boosting those immediate results and traffic. Paid advertising can play an incredibly important role for brands on social media.

Content Marketing

            Then you’ve got the more organic method, content eCommerce digital marketing. Through sharing content, running promotions and other approaches, such as influencer marketing, businesses can create lasting, steadily growing results on social media, with a dependable, albeit slower than paid advertising, ROI. Obviously, the ideal is always going to be utilising a combination in tandem with other digital marketing approaches. As well as analytics and data-centric strategizing.  

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