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The Ultimate eCommerce Site Security Checklist

11th October 2022

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Having a spectacular website is all well and good in practice, however, if that website isn’t secure and safe, it can present a real liability for your business, this is why eCommerce site security is vital.

Cyberattacks can prove extremely costly for small to medium businesses, with evidence suggesting that criminals particularly target smaller operations. The fact is, no one can afford to have their site go down or get hacked. This is is why we put together a quick and easy checklist to help you bolster your website security today.

Good Web Development Practice

When it comes to eCommerce site security, everything starts with producing a stable, reliable website that can be kept fully secure and online. This comes down to good web design practice. Built on a solid understanding of the inherent risks that small businesses face daily on the internet.

Working with a web design firm that puts your site’s longevity and security at the heart of their approach is always going to result in a more secure, stable and in the long run, cheaper, website to maintain. Always make sure your web designer understands online eCommerce site security and the importance of building a website with plenty of security features.

Keep Everything Up to Date

When WordPress plugins, CMS and other software are running behind without the latest updates, this is a problem. The fact is, once this software goes out of date, not only is it vulnerable to cyberattack, but it leaves other areas of the website vulnerable too. Make sure you stay on top of updating your software, at least once monthly. This is essential for eCommerce site security.

Regular Password Updates for eCommerce Site Security

This is one of the simplest ways to make sure your eCommerce site security is regularly kept up to scratch. Monthly password updates, utilising a password generator to create strong combinations, is a really easy, straightforward to rest easy knowing your online business is completely secure. The problem with outdated passwords is that the older they are, they’re likely are to be a security risk. Therefore, this presents you with a whole host of issues as the website owner. Make sure to regularly update your business’s passwords.

Automate Website Backups

Things go wrong on websites. Even with the very best will in the world, a top-notch site will sometimes go down or be hacked. It happened to Facebook, it’s happened to Amazon, and it can happen to anyone. This means that you need regular, automated website backups to fall back on. Therefore, this will massively boost your eCommerce site security. By setting your website to regularly back up, you can avoid much of the headache of things going wrong by having a recent save of the website to revert back to.

Limiting User Permissions is Vital for eCommerce Site Security

Another straightforward option when it comes to making sure you’re not overly exposed to cyberattacks is limiting your user permissions. Having high interactivity on your site can simplify and streamline many things. However, you want to make sure you’re not exposing yourself to online attacks. Simply making sure you have different tiers of admins will help. Use levels like admin, editor, author, etc., this can really bolster your eCommerce site security.

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