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15 Blogs Every eCommerce Business Should Know

27th October 2021

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When it comes to building a truly thriving eCommerce business, there’s a lot of different disciplines, areas, niches and skill sets that can be pretty elusive to start developing. Fortunately, there’s also plenty of great resources out there that can help you get started down that road. Here are fifteen great eCommerce blogs every online business owner absolutely needs to be keeping an eye on.

Shopify Blog

Given that Shopify is one of the major players when it comes to eCommerce plugins, with their platform having over 380,000 merchants using it, you might expect them to have a thing or two to say about eCommerce, and you’d be right! Their blog has plenty of useful, engaging content for the budding eCommerce tycoon.

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Magento Blog

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WooCommerce Blog

WooCommerce is an eCommerce platform, but what makes this blog an interesting addition to the list is the focus on integration with WordPress. If you’re working with a WordPress site, the WooCommerce blog has an absolute ton of useful, interesting content, perfect for helping you refine your business, better integrate eCommerce features as well as more general tips, tricks, ideas and news.

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A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand is all about empowering digital entrepreneurs, giving future business owners the community and know-how to start really growing and thriving. They offer some really helpful info for those at the beginning of their eCommerce business especially, as well as having a huge Facebook group. This is an extremely active blog that regularly posts engaging, useful content.

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Nosto Blog

Launched nine years ago, Nosto is an AI-powered eCommerce personalisation tool, helping bigger eCommerce businesses make explosive growth. Their blog specialises in data insights, advanced trigger capabilities and other AI-based elements of eCommerce. This means that if you’re looking to keep a finger on the pulse when it comes to all things artificial intelligence and eCommerce, this is a good place to start.

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Oberlo Blog

When it comes to eCommerce, there are all kinds of different areas, specialisations and niches to get involved with, and over the last few years, dropshipping has grown massively in popularity. If you’re interested in learning about dropshipping, potentially want to expand that way with your eCommerce business or just looking to broaden your understanding of different eCommerce approaches and strategies, this could be a handy place to start for you. They also have plenty of other general eCommerce content too!.

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eCommerce Nation Blog

This is a collaborative, entrepreneurial community, designed to help people working within eCommerce. Blogging about a wide range of eCommerce-centric topics, including case studies, set-up, online marketing, internationalisation, and conversion. They don’t just post text blogs though, expect podcasts, webinars, infographics and interviews with industry experts too!

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Digital Commerce 360

An eCommerce industry magazine, Digital Commerce 360 is a great blog to head to if you’re wanting to keep abreast of all the events happening the world over, as well as all the eCommerce news. In an industry where it’s vital to stay on top of developments and news, you need to have a couple of solid industry news sources in your roster, and Digital Commerce 360 is a solid option.

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Privy Blog

Offering consistent, weekly-posted deep-dives into a range of eCommerce marketing topics, Privy are an eCommerce marketing blog. When it comes to growing, refining and developing your eCommerce business, it can be hard to strategize and move forward at times, especially as a smaller business looking to get a foot in the door. Building the necessary know-how to get there is essential, which is where resources like Privy come into play. 

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HubSpot Blog

When it comes to all things inbound marketing, HubSpot’s blog is the place to read about it. Boasting a huge range of super in-depth content on digital marketing and eCommerce topics, this can be a perfect place to start really deepening your knowledge on a number of essential eCommerce areas. 

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SEO by the Sea Blog

Bill Slawski’s blog, SEO by the Sea is a fairly technical inclusion on this list, but his posts are jam-packed with useful, practical SEO advice that you can really utilise when it comes to refining your eCommerce business’s SEO. Making sure you get that solid ranking is always going to be absolutely essential, and digging down into the more technical details can really help most businesses out.

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BigCommerce Blog

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Reading more like a digital magazine than a blog. PracticalEcommerce has a quality to their articles that runs pretty consistently throughout. You can expect regularly posted, high-quality stuff, What’s more, this isn’t some cobbled-together Googled info, there’s a real sheen of originality and fresh thinking to be found here. Give them a look!

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Sleeknote Blog

Given that their products are very eCommerce-centric anyway, you can expect some really solid, expert content here. For the digital business owner, there’s a lot of interesting, engaging articles. Have a look through their blog and expect to learn something, I know we did!

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Yotpo Blog

Another solid option when it comes to eCommerce marketing blogs, the Yotpo blog has a lot of great articles posted on the regular. Expect blog posts all about marketing, business growth, engagement and other eCommerce-centric topics.

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