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5 E-Commerce SEO Tricks Anyone Can Do from Home

Despite all the upheaval going on at the moment, many online businesses are still thriving and functioning as normal. People are shopping online more than ever at the moment, so e-commerce SEO is absolutely necessary for anyone looking to make sure that their website is performing as well as it can be.

Here are five e-commerce SEO tricks and tips that anyone can do to make sure that your website is as optimised as possible, all from home!

Keep Plugins Updated

While isn’t SEO or even e-commerce specific, it absolutely pays to keep all your plugins completely up-to-date, and it’s a relatively simple task that you can get done from home.

Keeping plugins up-to-date allows you to rest easy knowing that they’re working as effectively as possible. With the latest developments, as well as avoiding any potential security risks when it comes to out-of-date plugins. For SEO plugins and in general, this is always going to be a useful trick.

Regular Content Equals Quality E-Commerce SEO

Making sure you’re regularly posting content is vital when it comes to consistently climbing those search engine results pages. Not only is it a chance to link to or from social media. It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.

This makes for a vital combo when it comes to developing a consistent and far-reaching web presence. Keep posting regular content on your site.

Keep Things Fresh and Relevant

This one is pretty obvious. Even outside of e-commerce SEO,  websites should make an effort to keep their content and posts as up-to-date and relevant as possible. Allowing dated or incorrect information to remain on your website is an easy way to show potential customers your lack of professionality. Not ideal.

As a rule, you should be looking over and making sure that your content is as relevant and fresh as you need it to be fairly regularly. No one wants to have a website full of rusty information and blog posts from 2016!

Social Media Updates

Another hugely important element when it comes to e-commerce SEO! Making sure all your social media pages receive regular, consistent updates, entirely on brand is really useful. All content posted on your main site should also receive the same treatment.

Simply utilise social media as an arm of your website, spreading the brand and tone of your business as well as the content you’re sharing. It’s easy to fall behind on social media posting, but working from home, there are no excuses not to!

Make Sure You’ve Got Enough Content

            When posted content to a webpage, it’s important to try and shoot for at least three-hundred words. Without enough content, you simply aren’t going to have enough to optimise, place keywords in and tweak. This is always going to be an easy one to get a couple more opportunities for better SEO performance in.