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13 Times Branding Was Done Perfectly

8th July 2022

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Here we have a handy infographic that we have designed which shows thirteen of the most powerful uses of branding web design, letting you take a look at some of the most influential and iconic brands of recent years. Check out this design to learn about popular brands including Headspace, Airbnb, Dropbox, Apple and lots more.

Understanding the importance of branding is vital to thriving online nowadays. Branding is the secret sauce that sets businesses apart from the crowd. It allows them to cultivate real brand authority, recognition and loyalty. Therefore, without quality branding, you risk becoming yet another faceless business in an increasingly busy online marketplace.

Branding is about much more than good logos and the right colour choices, even though they’re important too. It’s about crafting the right messaging, consistent visual language and vibe, across the entirety of your platforms and business presence. That means everything from your physical business branding to your web design branding, and social media to office stationery. Branding sets great businesses apart.

Therefore, there’s definitely plenty to be learned by looking at the business behemoths and the way their multi-million-pound operations conduct their branding.

We hope that you enjoy this perfect branding infographic and please feel free to share it out on blogs or social media!

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