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Is AI Going to Automate Web Design?

                Over the past couple of years, more and more tech innovations are becoming mainstream and commonplace, from AI to VR and AR, all the way over to 5G, there’s a lot of changing elements in the digital landscape that need to be taken into account, especially when it comes to web design. The fact is, thriving in a digital world is all about staying up to date and innovating, keeping one eye on the horizon while keeping the basics spot on. Is AI going to make this easier or harder for web designers? Should we be worried that AI is going to make whole swathes of the industry obsolete? Maybe not.

With AI, Web Design is Going to Get Easier

                AI is going to make many elements of digital design and development easier. Not just in website design, but across the board. It can be used to effectively simplify, streamline, and develop new aspects of digital work, making DIY website design suites more powerful, but also giving professional web designers and developers even more room to innovate and explore their creativity. It would be a mistake to view AI as a threat to web design when, in reality, it’s much more likely to simply streamline and accelerate parts of the design process while allowing designers and developers to go further in other ways.

Tech Innovations Open Doors

                The fact is, AI web design, like many other tech developments online, is always going to open new doors in development. For instance, AI can be used to effectively streamline web performance analytics. This allows digital marketers to craft better-matched campaigns, and distribute resources more effectively. Look at another recent development, 5G. Allowing websites to make use of more rich content, like video and HD imagery, allows for websites that look fantastic. As well as the obvious quicker loading times.

Staying abreast of technology is where responsive design comes into play. Building websites that play well with all devices, across a range of operating systems and other variables is key. Mozilla launched a VR web browser last year, that’s another variable to increasingly think about in future. Responsive design is the crux of this adaptability and future-proofing. This is definitely going to work alongside AI web design. Prioritising responsivity within your website is always going to result in a site that lasts and thrives longer than the less responsive competitor.

Prioritising Design with AI Web Design

                Essentially, the rise of different new technologies centres on one vital aspect of the net, convenience. This can mean certain aspects of web design will become deskilled and less specialised, potentially. But also allows for an ongoing and greater focus on marketing and design. Actually creating websites that look amazing and cross boundaries. As well as innovating in look and functionality is always going to be an amazing thing for web designers. Plus, an increased focus on digital marketing within web design and development is hugely powerful. Especially, important when it comes to how websites fare once they go live.