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7 Ways a Savvy Web Designer Can Integrate Social Media

2nd July 2021

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7 Ways a Savvy Web Designer Can Integrate Social Media

When it comes to a savvy web designer making sure your online presence is as functional, far-reaching and successful as possible, social media pages are hugely important. However, it’s not just a case of setting up Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest and YouTube pages.

It’s about integrating these pages into the main thrust of your online presence. This is exactly why we’ve put together a quick article featuring seven straightforward ways your web designer can integrate social media into your website.

Consistency is Key for a Savvy Web Designer

            Above all else, when it comes to all things branding, nothing is more crucial than consistency. Making sure that your online presence is reliably representing your business brand is so important when it comes to cultivating proper brand loyalty, presence and recognisability.

This is equally true when it comes to the social media presence on your website. Consistent logos, placement, buttons, content, imagery and colour choices are all important. This might seem like one of the simplest points, but it’s one of the hardest to get completely right.

Sharing Opportunities

            Every missed opportunity to present visitors with a chance to share content and products that’s relevant to them curtails your entire social media presence. The savvy web designer isn’t wasting these opportunities. It reduces your organic reach, while limiting your presence in any important social media conversations. Don’t miss out on easy social media attention, make sure you’ve got plenty of sharing buttons.

Social Posts and Content are Vital for a Savvy Web Designer

            Again, consistently posting social content and sharing via your site blog as well as on your social media pages is crucial. You want this interchange of content to be happening consistently in order to make sure both your website and your social media pages have plenty of content and are thriving and busy.

Social Page Reminders

            You need to have social media page reminders throughout your website. This can be as simple as the social media logos in the corner of the page. Effectively letting visitors see how they can get to your business’s social media pages. A savvy web designer will use this to funnel visitors through social media. Feature this near your contact information as well.

Embedded Gallery and Post Feeds

            By having these embedded feeds you can achieve a number of important things. Give visitors a vital insight into your business, humanising your team and making it clear this is the kind of business they want to engage with.

On top of this, a savvy web designer can demonstrate authority and social awareness. Effectively, social media humanises your business. This makes it reachable, and having these post and gallery feeds on your website is a great way to make this transparency even more apparent.

A Savvy Web Designer Uses Social Calls to Action

            Pop-ups using phrases like “Follow Our Facebook Page for More Insights” and the like are an extremely useful way for a savvy web designer to boost your social media follower counts and engagement. Fundamentally helping you to build that crucial online presence that allows for more growth. Utilise social calls to action on your site.

Include Hashtags and Instagram Handles

            At the end of posts, in blocks of texts, wherever they seem appropriate. Therefore, this can be a solid way to make sure that your website seems totally up to date and contemporary. Effectively allowing visitors to follow these hashtags and handle links out to the social media pages in an easy, organic and natural manner.

In short, it’s all about a savvy web designer integrating your social media pages in a natural way. It’s about it all looking and functioning in a simple, intuitive and unpretentious way. Thus allowing you to integrate all the different arms of your online presence into a cohesive, attractive whole.

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