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5 Surprising Benefits of Mobile Optimisation for eCommerce Web Designers

1st August 2021

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We all know that proper responsive design and mobile optimisation is vital nowadays for eCommerce web designers. But beyond that, what are some of the lesser-known benefits of effective responsive web designers? What other benefits can eCommerce businesses expect from properly investing in mobile optimisation? That’s what we’re here to talk about today.  

Search Engines Love eCommerce Web Designers Using Responsive Design

            This is simply a fact. SEO experts and web designers like to pretend that it’s all some big mystery, but one thing is always going to be true of search engines, they all want to provide a better and more refined experience for their users. That means when websites provide truly functional responsive mobile-focused design, that’s going to be a hugely positive and powerful ranking signal.

In an increasingly competitive online space, we all need to make the most of all the little boosts in terms of ranking. For eCommerce web designers, this is absolutely no different, and in fact, can make a big difference.

Future-Proof Your Site

            When we talk about mobile optimisation, what we’re really talking about is responsive design. It’s building a website that can function and excel on any device, regardless of screen size, web speed and other elements.

That’s all well and good for smartphones, but what about when we start talking about the next generation of tech? What about virtual reality websites, augmented reality, voice search? All extremely exciting technologies, all starting to make waves. Building a properly responsively designed website is going to allow you to adapt to these new technologies that much easier.

Allow Your eCommerce Web Designers to Consolidate and Streamline

            In years gone by, it used to be the practice for eCommerce web designers to build two sites, a mobile one and a desktop one. Some even went as far as to build an app on top of that. Not only is this a costly alternative, but it also’s hugely unnecessary. Worse, it divides your marketing budget between your different sites and web presences, so you end up competing with yourself. Not good!

This is exactly why eCommerce web designers have started prioritising properly optimised responsive web design instead. It allows business owners to consolidate their efforts into a single presence. Therefore boosting authority, ranking and allowing for a more focused, refined strategy.

Increased Average Time On-Site

            The fact is, mobile users tend to spend longer on sites than desktop browsers. This could be down to a whole lot of different factors relating to human behaviour around mobile and desktop devices but let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth! The longer a visitor is on your eCommerce web designers site, the more likely they are to make a purchase. This is reason enough to invest in properly optimised mobile web design.

Social Media Shares Are Much More Common on Mobile

            Increasingly, social media integration is incredibly important. By properly intermeshing your website and social media presence, you strengthen both presences. Thus helping link your audiences and humanise your brand. That’s exactly why you need plenty of links out to social media on your site. However, people are vastly less likely to make use of these links on desktop.

The vast majority of people do their social media scrolling on mobile devices, not desktops. That means that shares, links to social media and other social content are always going to be that much more powerful on a site your eCommerce web designers have properly optimised for mobile.

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