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5 Major 2021 Branding Design Trends Changing Web Design

            With a raft of new technology coming out, from powerful 5G mobile browsing speeds to AR and VR tech, we’re seeing new branding design trends sweeping the digital world in 2021. Here are five of the biggest.

Muted and Pastel Shades

            Having a muted, pastel-shade colour palette on your site might not seem quite as punchy and hard-hitting as more bold colour choices. However, fear not, muted shades can provide some slick, chilled-out brand vibes, as well as allowing you to produce a website that’s both easy to look at and a solid platform for displaying the most important information clear and centre. This is a trend we’re seeing again and again in 2021 web design branding trends.

Data Visualisation

            Whether we’re talking neat, aesthetically presented graphs and charts demonstrating your companies or products value. Or just infographic content, data visualisation is an increasingly important branding design 2021. There is an inherent value and authority to hard facts and data. Therefore lending the business credibility and authority invaluable in web design branding.

Dark or Night Mode in Branding Design 2021

            With a solid chunk of the biggest apps now offering a dark or night mode. Because of the surging popularity of it, many smaller websites have started incorporating dark colour schemes as part of their overall branding.

As far as branding design 2021 is concerned, night modes tend to look neat and slick and take into account the huge percentage of users browsing from mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops. As ever, this is yet another sign of the times when it comes to the mobile device takeover. On top of being a slick branding aesthetic trend.

Stories and Live Content

            Branding is all about humanising your business, connecting with your audience. It’s long been massively important to make sure that your business’s social media is completely interwoven with your website design, but nowadays, a step further is required. Content is king, but do you know what’s better than content? Live, or specifically recent, content.

Stories and live feeds on your social media and, by connection, your website and branding design 2021. Prioritising these elements is going to continue being huge in 2021, as it fundamentally allows you to share vital snapshots of your business with your target demographics. Humanising your business while being a perfect vehicle to reinforce and establish the branding that you’ve been building.

Accessibility in Branding Design 2021

            This has long been a key tenet of web design. However, as an element of your brand, it’s never been more vital. Accessibility is crucial when it comes to designing a website that everybody finds easy to use. And while it might seem fitting to utilise a more complex design and structure, accessible minimalism is always going to be a branding design 2021 trend worth sticking to.

For one, accessibility is always a solid element to have associated with your brand. You want it to be clear what you’re about, what your service is, how everything works. There’s a transparency vibe to accessibility that humanises and simplifies your business, all vital for successful branding.