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3 Tips to Gear Up Your Business Blogging

In the busyness of office life, business blogging can very easily slip down your to-do list. It can seem difficult and time-consuming, and the net gains can seem small.

However, in our experience business blogging is an incredibly valuable part of a successful company’s marketing strategy.

Whether you’re a regular business blogger, or just starting out, it certainly takes discipline to develop and maintain an effective business blog. It’s important that you take a long-term view, develop a clear strategy and set yourself goals. When you’ve done this, you might be surprised at how many sources of inspiration you find.

Here are 3 simple ways to enhance your business blogging and increase your engagement with site visitors.

1. Give Away Information

In business it can be very tempting to hold your cards close to your chest. You want your customers to know about your products and services, but you want to make sure that they keep bringing their business to you. In the services sector, where you’re working on a consultancy-type basis, you are often paid for your expertise and skills.

It might seem rather strange, then, to be told that giving away information is a good idea. There are, in fact, numerous reasons why you should be prepared to do this if you want to avoid limiting the growth of your business.

Giving away information helps to reassure customers that you have industry-leading knowledge.

Giving away information helps to educate your customers and show them exactly why your services are so valuable.

Giving away information helps you to keep improving your service; if you’re giving away the ‘bottom 20%’ of your expertise, it motivates you to continue adding to your skillset and improving what you offer.

2. Headline Grabbing Titles

When you read a newspaper, there are several factors that affect which articles you read. Generally speaking, headlines and images have the biggest influence over whether you carry on reading.

This is particularly true when you’re writing for the internet. You need your titles to grab the attention of your readers. This doesn’t mean that you have to hype everything up; the most important thing is that you understand what your visitors are looking for and package your business blogs in a way which captures their attention.

3. Understand and Leverage Current Affairs

Your business doesn’t operate in isolation. There are numerous ways in which you are affected by current affairs. This is equally true for your customers.

There are two primary advantages to understanding and leveraging current affairs in your business blog.

The first is that it helps to grab the attention of your readers. If you’re able to write about issues which are in the national spotlight then you have a massive headstart: your readers are already engaged in those topics.

The second is that it gives you an opportunity to showcase how your brand is able to help customers with current issues. These could be financial, political, technological; if you can demonstrate to customers how you can help them in the current climate, you’re onto a winner.