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3 Rookie eCommerce Web Designer Errors (And How to Avoid Them)

28th June 2021

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3 Rookie eCommerce Web Designer Errors

With so many new eCommerce web designer starting new businesses daily, we thought we’d put together a quick run-through of three of the most egregious rookie mistakes we’re still regularly seeing, and what you can do to avoid them. Keep these in mind when it comes to your eCommerce web designer and you won’t go too far wrong.

Clarity is Your Priority

            Regardless of what page you’re on, where you are on your eCommerce website, what your eCommerce web designer is trying to achieve, clarity is always the priority. You want it to be super easy for your visitors to find the products they’re after. For them to navigate the site, to move through the checkout process.

Abandoned carts are a major issue and one that can be mitigated by prioritising clarity and convenience. What’s the solution here? Try using your site from the perspective of the visitor. Only you know your business completely, you understand your customer profile. Don’t forget to combine this with feedback on your site UI. That’s on top of analytics data and your eCommerce web designer can simplify, streamline and perfect your customer journey.

Failure to Stay Updated and Secure

            Small business owners frequently tend to think that they fall beneath the radar when it comes to cybercrime. In reality, the exact opposite is true. Small to medium businesses are the primary target for many cybercriminals. That’s exactly why you need to have a regular update schedule for all the plugins and software your eCommerce web designer used on your site. As well as a strict and consistent password changing regimen and you’ll be much less likely to have to deal with security problems.

Make Sure Your eCommerce Web Designer Leaves Room for Vital Branding

            The online marketplace is an increasingly busy place, there’s no getting around this. That’s exactly why you need to be doing everything you can to set your business apart from the others. This is all about cultivating real brand loyalty, authority and presence. Therefore, the key here is brand consistency, and the issue we’re seeing is the eCommerce web designer failing to leave enough room for branding. As well as failing to provide links out to social media pages. Always prioritise branding.

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