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21 Top Design Blogs for Every Web Developer in 2021

12th August 2021

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When it comes to building great websites, nothing’s more valuable than experience, insights, and inspiration for a web developer or designer. This is exactly why we’ve put together a list of twenty-one of the best, biggest and most useful web design blogs for 2021.

A List Apart

Featuring articles exploring web design, development and content, there’s a lot of really useful information here. Starting out as a mailing list in 1997, they’ve come a long way since. With topics centring on aspects like code, content, design, industry, process and user experience, there’s a lot to be found for a web developer here.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 87

Alexa Rank: 40,706

Smashing Magazine

Founded in 2006 in Germany, Smashing Magazine delivers useful, reliable and more importantly practical, information to web designers and developers. As well as their huge resource of articles and tutorials, they also offer digital books, conferences and membership, all with a focus on design and development, productivity and improving digital skills.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 90

Alexa Rank: 5,604


CSS Tricks

Featuring over 7,000 articles, all based around the tips, tricks and techniques necessary for being great with Cascading Style Sheets. CSS Tricks is an information source, rich with useful guides and articles, but more importantly, it’s a community, perfect for those looking to refine their skillset or share their expertise.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 89

Alexa Rank: 5,887


The Design Blog

There’s little more valuable when you really need it than a good stroke of inspiration, and The Design Blog has a whole lot of inspirational design content. Centring on advertising, branding, graphic design, logo design, illustration, photography, web design, typography, packaging design and way more, there’s a whole lot of information and useful stuff for a web developer looking to refine their approach.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 57

Alexa Rank: 379,606



Based in Portugal, Codrops is a development and design blog publishing articles, tutorials and news all focused on the latest techniques, trends, news and technologies. With a real focus on useful, inspiring and engaging content, this is a really helpful blog to keep bookmarked when you’re looking for that extra bit of oomph and some fresh ideas for a web developer.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 85

Alexa Rank: 12,959


Envato Tuts

A tutorial-focused website, there’s a whole lot of really useful, actionable information here. If you’re a web developer looking to refine and develop your approach, hunting for inspiration or just a new and engaging way to approach things, Envato Tuts has a whole lot of really useful stuff on there.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 89

Alexa Rank: 2,881


Creative Bloq

Regularly updated with a whole range of different, useful blog posts and articles, Creative Bloq is a web design blog that provides a ton of interesting viewpoints and ideas, perfect for web developers looking to expand and refine their skill set. From news to new technologies, new techniques to tutorials, there’s a whole lot on here, and that’s not even mentioning the inspirational artwork and imagery.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 87

Alexa Rank: 4,457



You know when you find a really great web design blog because the blog itself is absolutely great. There’s probably no better signal that you’re on a site that really knows what they’re doing and SitePoint is just one of those sites. Filled with useful blogs, articles and info, this is a great site to bookmark for web designers and developers.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 87

Alexa Rank: 5,766



With over a decade of experience, Hongkiat has been producing great, useful content for a long time now. From photoshop guides to branding and web design inspiration, there’s a lot to choose from here. As far as a web designer and developer is concerned, you can’t go too far wrong.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 82

Alexa Rank: 10,534


Web Design Ledger

Web Design Ledger is really great for staying abreast of all the current web design trends. Sure, every website you come across seems to promise trends of some kind but this one actually delivers, and there’s nothing more useful than being properly on top of trends as a web developer and designer. On top of this, there’s plenty of other articles and tutorials concerning many other aspects of web design and development.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 78

Alexa Rank: 70,177


Web Designer Depot

This is one of the newer blogs on this list, and it’s quickly apparent why it’s growing in popularity so fast. With a ton of different content, from inspiration to tutorials, there’s a whole lot to explore. Interestingly, users can also up and downvote articles in a similar fashion to Reddit, which is useful!

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 83

Alexa Rank: 28,304



We’ve all been there, trying to come up with some new, fresh approach to website building that’s going to help us produce a site that is truly great. Sometimes, a bit of inspiration is really needed to push us along the way. That’s where Awwwards come in. Essentially showcasing the best of the net, you can’t help but leaf through this blog and feel a bit inspired.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 88

Alexa Rank: 5,230



A Longstanding Web Developer Resource

Another older web design specialised blog, providing tons of helpful guides and articles, from efficiency and workflow to design ideas. There’s a lot of useful information on here, specifically for web designers and developers looking to refine their approach and discover some fresh new ideas.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 80

Alexa Rank: 9,157



Another beautiful website covering all the different elements of website design. You know you can trust a beautiful, functional website talking about web design! OnextraPixel has a ton of useful guides, information and inspiration perfect for web designers and developers.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 76

Alexa Rank: 69,469



Specific Guides and Tutorials for a Web Developer Looking to Refine

Line25 have a ton of useful info WordPress guides, information and ideas, as well as providing some useful free resources and some super interesting articles exploring deeper elements of design.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 73

Alexa Rank: 53,435



Another useful WordPress-focused blog, providing articles, guides and blogs ranging in topic from in-depth guides for experienced web designers and developers to simpler, easy-to-follow guides for beginners.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 77

Alexa Rank: 29,398


Design Bombs

Design Bombs’ blog focuses on deconstructing and dissecting design, analysing new and interesting ways to approach your WordPress site. When you’re feeling a bit sick and tired of all the usual inspiration, this blog can be a breath of fresh air.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 78

Alexa Rank: 48,379



A Broad Range of Useful Topics for a Web Developer

Noupe offers a broad range of articles, with a wider range of topics than most of the other blogs on this list. With a lot of useful content for a web designer or developer, you’re sure to find plenty on here.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 77

Alexa Rank: 50,343


Creative Boom

Creative Boom is a digital magazine perfect for giving that little aesthetic boost of inspiration when it comes to all things design.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 78

Alexa Rank: 57,638


Design Clever

Perfect for a Web Developer Looking for Visual Inspiration

A very visual Tumblr blog, perfect for a bit of aesthetic inspiration when you need it most.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 51

Alexa Rank: 785,299


Made By Folk

This blog is all about the people behind the design. No guides or tutorials here, just in-depth interviews with the people who really made the design happen.

Ahrefs Domain Authority: 47

Alexa Rank: 920,139

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