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You’re Almost Ready for Christmas… Is Your Website?

As we approach the last working week before Christmas, it’s not unusual for workplaces to take on a lighthearted feel. Whether it’s because of the annual office Christmas meal, Michael Bublé on the radio or simply the fact that a holiday is imminent, there are many reasons to be cheerful as the festivities begin.

Whether or not you’re enjoying a change of pace, it’s likely that you’ll be thinking through the implications of the Christmas break for your business. Whether you’re shutting things down for a day or a fortnight, this will take a variety of forms. You’ll probably set up an out-of-office reply on your email account, clear any unpaid invoices, and make sure that any lingering projects are drawn to an end before the seasonal break. It’s often a convenient time to tidy the office, conduct staff reviews and send friendly messages to your clients and business acquaintances.

It’s also worth making sure that your website is ready for Christmas. This doesn’t necessarily mean incorporating a .jpg of a reindeer into your web design. However, at this time of year things change very quickly, and your website design may well need to reflect this.

Many online retailers ensure that in the run-up to Christmas their website is clearly geared towards Christmas presents. One of the beauties of E-Commerce is the flexibility that your website design gives you to make changes (whether subtle or dramatic) as the expectations of your customers change. With the arrival of Boxing Day, many visitors to your site will be looking to see if you are offering any kind of post-Christmas sales or incentives. The High Street certainly isn’t the only place to look for a bargain. The focus also begins to shift from Christmas to New Year celebrations, which means that your web design is in danger of very quickly appearing outdated.

With the lead-in to Christmas starting as early as August, many companies work hard to push their Christmas products and services throughout Autumn. This can mean that with the arrival of a new year, it has actually been several months since the site and web design were last updated. With some businesses enjoying lengthly holidays, and much to catch up on upon returning to work in January, it can be some time before necessary changes are actually implemented. Visiting a website in early January 2013 and finding everything geared towards Christmas 2012 communicates all the wrong things to a potential customer.

Alternatively, if all of this is sounding like a lot of hard work at a time of year when you’re looking forward to a hard-earned break, why not ensure that you include a simple message to your customers, wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’ and thank them for all their support this year. You don’t need to be a web designer to give your website a warm, helpful tone. Make sure that anybody visiting your site after Christmas or in the New Year will find all that they need to know. Remove anything that is already out-of-date, and drop one or two hints about changes that you’re hoping to make in 2013.

As you enjoy a well-earned break this Christmas, why not take a few minutes to ensure that your website continues to work hard for your business over this festive period. If you’re considering making some changes to your site in the New Year, why not get in touch with our team of talented web designers and see what we can achieve together?