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The Worst Digital Marketing Blunders, and How You Can Avoid Them

With digital marketing continuing to be hugely relevant as we go into 2018, we’re going to take a look at some of the worst digital marketing blunders that we see time after time. Some are just common-sense, but more are just failing to react accordingly to a changing online landscape.

Neglecting Social Media

Social media can be a spectacularly useful tool when it comes to personalising an otherwise blank corporate face. It allows a business to directly interact with their customers, while having a direct hand on how your brand is perceived by and interacts with its audience.

Lack of Clear Goals

When it comes to any successful digital marketing campaign, one of the most useful elements any business can have is clear, logical goals. Vague goals like ‘increase sales’ aren’t going to get you anywhere. Goals need figures, precision and detail in order to strategically shoot for them.

Not Quantifying and Measuring Results

As a follow-on from in-depth goals, you need to be finding ways to quantify and crunch the data of your successes or failures. You need to know the increased web traffic figures, the click-throughs, whatever details will let you know you’ve hit those all-important goals.

Without quantifiable data and fixed, exact goals, you can find yourself endlessly throwing resources and money at your digital marketing without ever seeing any clear progress. Not good.

Social Media Trolling and Hijacking

While having solid social media interaction with your audience can be hugely useful, if your social media pages are just masses of people ridiculing, complaining and generally being nuisances, you’re going to be damaging the overall appearance of your brand.

Similarly, social media pages can be prone to hackers and hijackers. A determined and mischievous hacker can do irreparable damage to a brand, so bear this in mind.

Targeting the Wrong People

With almost every avenue of digital marketing, from social media, to email marketing, to online ads, bombarding customers from every angle, people are becoming ever more desensitised.

That means that you need to advertise more than ever to get the same results, which makes things ever more expensive. By targeting the correct audience, you can make sure you’re spending your digital marketing budget intelligently, and avoid wasting money.

Making use of cookies and tracking technology to be sure you’re targeting the correct audience. Use demographical data, layered with tracking information, and you’ll end up with a much more effective marketing plan.

Overlooking Mobile

Responsive web design has long been essential when it comes to business online. With more and more people browsing and purchasing online via mobiles and tablets, you’ve got to take that into account not just when it comes to the design and build of your site, but how you market to your audience too.

Consider how your audience and customers are already interacting with you on mobile, and build from there. Create a mobile strategy which can run alongside your marketing campaign, and make sure you’re making the best possible use of mobile marketing.