Why Mobile Website Development is Vital Going Forward

30th January 2020


Mobile Website Development

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but there are still websites that aren’t adequately mobile adapted or designed. Yes, even in 2020. Shocking, I know. Here’s why that is such a huge handicap, and why it’s only going to get worse. This is why you should be focusing on mobile website development.

No Website Can Hope to Thrive Without Mobile Website Design

More and more of the total numbers of people browsing migrate over to mobile devices daily. Whether that be tablets, phones, phablets, whatever, even the most niche business websites need to acknowledge that no website can hope to truly thrive anymore without a quality mobile website presence. This has been true for at least the last five years.

Without a quality responsive website design that covers all devices, as a business, you’re effectively turning visitors and therefore customers away for no good reason. Everybody needs quality mobile website development. Any site that depends on a constant flow of visitors is going to benefit. That means basically everyone.

What is Mobile Web Design?

Mobile website development as a term isn’t as relevant or effective as it once was. Now, top tier mobile website design is actually responsive web design. Responsive as in built to respond and function on every device accessing it. That means no awkward pinch-zoom or weird buttons. No one wants to deal with these.

Gone are the days of separate mobile websites (for the most part), separate apps have fallen out of vogue, and the effectively designed mobile-responsive website is now more than effective for the vast majority of websites.

Mobile Browsing Has Taken Over

Over the last decade, mobile browsing has steadily chipped away at the total split of browsers to the point we’re at now. Fewer than ever people own a laptop, with many depending entirely on their phones and tablets for their browsing needs.

Any website failing to embrace quality mobile website development is rejecting an increasingly huge percentage of online traffic.

Without Mobile Website Development, You Can’t Hope to Embrace New Tech

In essence, the way you need to be viewing mobile website design is simply as the most basic adaption needed to embrace new tech going forward. Without the adaptions necessary for effective mobile design, there’s no point looking into voice search technology. Essentially, view mobile web design as the base to build all further tech adaptions on top of.

You’ve got to think about all the new tech that’s swept in over the last decade. The next could be exactly the same, and without a sturdy base of responsive mobile web design, you’re going to struggle to adapt.  Mobile website development is the easiest way to future-proof.