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22nd February 2019

Why Colour is Crucial for Your WordPress Website Design

The Psychology of Colour within Website Design

It’s well documented that different colours have different effects on people. There’s a big reason why you rarely see people painting their bedrooms dark red or black, and that’s because certain colours just don’t make us feel good.

With WordPress website design, it’s especially important to pick the right colours, for a huge variety of reasons. When people see jarring, ugly or poor colour choices, it puts them right off. In fact, colour is one of the first things our brains process when a site loads up, as such it can make for a huge factor when it comes to bounce rates.

If you want people to stay on your site, you need the colours to be at the very least pleasant, and ideally elegant and stylish. A website is a business’s shop front, business card, and billboard. You can’t have all those important roles filled by something ugly and unpleasant to look at, and the colour is a huge part of the overall WordPress website design.

There are always ways to boost the looks and functionality of a site, and colour is no different. You need to be choosing shades that actually work well together, and make for an easy read, with everything clear. Not yellow text on a white background or anything like that.

Target Audience

When it comes to deciding on colour, you need to be thinking about your target audience. You can’t simply choose the colours you like; you need to be thinking about what kind of mood people are in when they’re searching for your site.

Is your product something technical and business-based? Go for neutral, easy to navigate colours. Are you trying to go for something more modern and in your face? Go for statement colours, while prioritising functionality. At the end of the day, it’s all about user experience, and that’s exactly what your WordPress website design has to prioritise.

Branding is Huge in WordPress Website Design

Colours are a huge part of successful branding. We recognise businesses and apps through their colour schemes often before anything else. How often have you seen a dark blue website, and been reminded of Facebook? Or light blue and been reminded of Twitter? This is the power of colour and branding.

This also plays a huge part in creating a memorable WordPress website design. With so much competition, you need your website to be the one customers are able to easily remember, and colour, as a key aspect of website branding, can really help your website design out there.