Why Beautiful Website Design Matters

1st September 2014


We all experience beauty on a daily basis. We see it in people, architecture and nature. We’ll travel halfway around the world to appreciate it. It has the capacity to brighten the most ordinary of days and transform the way that we feel about the world.

However, we can often find ourselves becoming indifferent to beauty over time. You might live in a beautiful city, for example, but find that familiarity has reduced your appreciation of the splendour of your surroundings. If this happens often enough – and in the daily challenges of business life it often does – we can start to forget how powerful beauty can be.

It might sound like stating the obvious, but we think that beautiful website design really matters. Web design projects are often quite rightly dominated by discussions around functionality, performance and marketing considerations. However, we are utterly convinced that successful design projects result in a end product which is beautiful.

Here are 3 reasons why beautiful website design matters:

1. First Impressions

One of the key priorities when designing a new website is to create a powerful, winning first impression. This will have a huge impact on the experience that a website visitor has. If you can create a favourable first impression then you’re much more likely to achieve your website’s goals and create momentum for your organisation.

There are several ways in which beautiful website design helps to create a powerful first impression. Human beings are inherently visual and so the imagery and design of your site have the potential to impress your visitors. Our enjoyment of reading text is greatly enhanced by beautiful typography. We’re told not to judge a book by its cover but the reality is that publishing houses commit huge resources into marketing and artwork because they know that our appreciation of beauty and our willingness to depart with our hard-earned cash are very closely linked.

2. View More Pages

When we talk about user experience – helping to deliver exactly what a site visitor is looking for in a positive, enjoyable way – we often talk about page layout, navigation and the user’s journey through the site.

A huge benefit of beautiful website design is that visitors are much more likely to view more of your pages. We are much more likely to click on a link with a beautiful photo than mere text. If you have a beautiful website visitors are also likely to be more patient with you; this is one of the huge benefits of generating a positive first impression.

3. It’s Memorable

Beauty has a powerful stimulating effect on our memories. If we see a person or place of great beauty we are far more likely to remember it.

This is also true when it comes to beautiful website design. If, for example, a potential customer has looked at 5 different websites, they are far more likely to remember the one which stood out from the crowd.

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