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When Will My Web Design Need Replacing?

In business, planning is everything.

We’re used to forecasting 3, 5 and 10 years ahead. We work hard on our financial planning to ensure that we are making informed decisions that will help to develop the business and place us in a position of strength. We have a staff development process to help us improve the quality of our team, encourage a culture of personal development and successfully integrate new employees.

Business development is all about clear and accurate planning.

If you’ve chosen to invest in your website design, a question that you may be carrying is how to most effectively plan for updates and redevelopment of your website.

Web Design is Constantly Changing

In order for your business to develop a successful website development strategy you need to appreciate that web design is constantly changing. It’s therefore vital that you remain flexible and give yourself room to respond to changes in the way that websites function.

An obvious example in the last 3 years would be the meteoric rise in demand for social media integration. Whilst corporate companies have historically tended towards more static, professional content, most site visitors will now look for a social media channel in order to gain a fuller appreciation of the business’ current news and projects. Companies with a flexible approach to website design have understood the importance of social media and taken steps to integrate this into their web design strategy, even if their website had only recently been updated.

It’s important to realise that a website is not a static entity. Effective web design facilitates strong communication with customers and site visitors, but unless you invest time and energy into this system it will break. You need to be aware of what is required in your industry, because it’s possible for your website design to become out-of-date in a matter of weeks if it isn’t attended to. In other sectors there are clearly very different expectations.

A professional website design, well managed, can remain effective for a number of years. We have a number of clients who have trusted us with several website redesigns, and you will know better than anyone when it’s time to think about a change. The current movement towards mobile browsing and responsive website design is causing many businesses to re-think the functionality and ease-of-use of their website design, whilst for others the aesthetic impact of the website will always be a priority.

We would encourage you to be prepared for ongoing development and tinkering in order to maximise the quality and impact of your web design. The best way to do this is to train your team well and build strong relationships with your web designer so that when changes are required they can be quickly and easily implemented.

If you’re looking to update or redevelop your website design then why not contact us to talk about your requirements?