What’s So Much Better about Professional Web Design?

20th June 2018


What’s So Much Better about Professional Web Design?

Sure, professional web design can seem a lot more expensive, and there’s plenty of cheaper, albeit, much more amateurish offers out there, but what are you losing out on when you go with a cheaper option? Here are the benefits of going with professional web design.

User-Centred Design

Any web design company worth their salt will understand that the very best websites will always put the user at the very centre of the design and build process. This is something professional companies become very practiced at.

Elements like understanding and working with UK web accessibility rules, creating sites that work for everyone, which are easy to use on any device. This is always going to be the focus in professional web design.

Better Overall Quality and Bespoke Features

Sure, you might know someone who’s dabbled in website creation, and he’s volunteered to build you a site, but they’re never going to be able to truly create a solution that meets the businesses needs in a website.

Professional website design is all about creating bespoke, nifty solutions, which follow the latest technologies, built with the most up-to-date, costly software, encased in solid quality and great aesthetics. That’s what professional web design is all about, and what you should be demanding as a business. Your website is your online shopfront, treat it as such.

Quicker to Produce

One of the big benefits of professional web design is that it’s always going to be quicker than any amateur offering. Creating the website that truly meets your needs requires thought, design, and innovation.

Website designers can cover all that, but they also employ multi-stage design and building processes that utilise teams and specialists, allowing for a quicker trip from idea to live online. The sooner the site is up, the sooner it’s paying for itself!

Integrated SEO

Many professional website design companies won’t only be able to handle the design, build and maintenance of your site, but they’ll also be capable of integrate search engine optimisation features from the ground up.

It’s a hard rule of the internet that there’s very little point in a business having a website if it’s not going be at least slightly optimised for SEO. No one needs a lemon of a site that’s just going to sit there and attract zero traffic. That’s never going to pay for itself, and it’s just going to be an extra cost.

SEO allows you to drag in customers and visitors, and get the right people looking at your site. It’s a hugely effective form of digital marketing, and the right web designers can integrate the most important elements of it from the ground up within your site.

That’s going to save you money on having post-launch SEO done, and a website with integrated SEO is always going to perform better in the long-term than a site that has search engine features tacked on as an extra.