What Makes a Good Business Logo?

8th June 2015


good business logo

If you’re starting a business – or going through a rebrand – you may well be wondering what makes a good business logo. It’s a decision that you’re going to have to live with for a number of years, so it’s important that you get it right. There are loads of benefits to getting the right logo for your business; many people don’t realise how valuable a brand can be, not only indirectly but also in and of itself as an asset that can be valued, protected and even sold.

Here are 4 principles that will help you to choose the right logo for your business.

1. A Good Business Logo is Original

There are several reasons why a good business logo is original – not least because copying an established brand could land you in hot water if there is a legal dispute.

Originality is so important because it helps you to distinguish yourself from the competition. If everybody else in your industry has a particular kind of logo – and you arrive on the scene with something fresh and original, you’re immediately going to stand out from the crowd.

Once your brand has become well established, an original business logo will have even greater worth. Customers and clients will be able to pick your brand out from a crowd, and they will associate it with trust and high quality service.

2. A Good Business Logo is Eye-Catching

You need a business logo that is eye-catching. If people aren’t engaged by it then it’s failing to do the job required of it.

This doesn’t mean that your logo needs to be zany or wacky; a conservatively styled business logo can still be eye-catching. This can be achieved through careful use of colour, typography and design.

3. A Good Business Logo is Memorable

Designers often talk about the importance of being able to reproduce a logo by hand. Most of us could create a passable reproduction of the McDonalds, Ford or Coca Cola logos. Now, it’s unlikely that you’re going to have such a well-known brand, but the principle is that a successful logo is easy to reproduce.

There are several reasons why this is important. Your customers might be describing your business to their friends and need a tangible way to describe you. If you’ve got a catchy, clear logo that they can remember and describe then this is certainly going to help. It will also be significant if you’re selling high-value items that customers only replace very infrequently. They might not remember the name of your business, but spotting your logo is more likely to improve their memory. This is really important if you’ve developed a new website, for example; the site itself might be unfamiliar, but seeing the logo will reassure customers that they’ve come to the right place.

4. A Good Business Logo is Functional

Finally, a good business logo should be functional. It needs to be used in a wide range of contexts, from contracts and letterheads to building signs and social media profiles. You’re going to need one or two definitive logos that are suitable for use in every area of your business.