What Does Your Web Design Say About Your Business?

9th June 2014


As a UK website company it’s probably not a surprise to hear that we love helping our clients to grow their business by improving their web design. A beautiful, modern, effective website will help you to communicate with a wider audience and increase web traffic and conversions. However, a successful website design brings a whole host of additional benefits, not least helping to answer the question: “What does your web design say about your business?”

Every piece of communication that you produce sends out a number of signals that will impact whether or not potential customers bring their business to you. We see this all around us. A well fitted coffee shop with comfortable seating, free WiFi and unlimited refills communicates to visitors that they are welcome to stay for as long as they like. Equally, a poorly decorated coffee shop with insufficient/inadequate seating will implicitly tell customers that they aren’t really welcome and that the shop is primarily interested in taking their money, not providing an awesome service.

Similarly, the quality of your web design will speak volumes about your business. Understanding and harnessing this principle – and making necessary improvements to your website accordingly – will help you to strengthen your business and grow your customer base.

Is this company an expert/leader in its field?

The quality of your web design will often determine the way that site visitors perceive your proficiency. A classy, elegant website with helpful functionality and informative content will tell site visitors that you are trustworthy and knowledgeable.

By the same measure, an ineffective website will fail to impress site visitors – even if you are the stand-out leader in your field – and offer competitors a chance to make significant gains in the process.

Will this company offer value for money?

There can sometimes be a tendency in business to avoid splashing out on marketing, design and website development. This is often born out of a desire to avoid giving the impression that you are doing rather too well and that your profit margins should probably be decreased.

In reality, however, the opposite is true. A poor website will communicate that you are cheap – and that business isn’t doing very well. Businesses in these circumstances rarely have the cashflow or infrastructure to offer exceptional value for money. However, a high-quality website will demonstrate to customers that your business is doing well, customers’ experience is valued highly and that you’re in a position to offer great deals and up-to-date information.

Does this company have a bright future?

By investing in a modern, effective website you are clearly stating that your business is taking a long-term view. This will reassure potential customers – some of whom will already be doing business with your rivals and will need assurances that it’s worth their while making the change – that you can be trusted with their business in the years to come.

An outdated, poor website might tempt them to stay put – particularly if their current supplier offers a better website user experience and stronger communication.

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