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What Does Christmas Teach Us About E-Commerce?

It’s now the 23rd of December and for many of us it really is time for the last-minute Christmas shopping to begin!

If you’re still looking for presents then you’ve still got a couple of days left to hit the High Street.

This year we’ve seen record figures for online retailers in the UK, with December sales expected to hit £10 billion and 18% of all transactions happening online. As Christmas approaches and many businesses start to wind down, we thought it would be a good time to ask what Christmas teaches us about E-Commerce…

Mobile Users

The biggest shift that we’re seeing in consumer habits is the increase in smartphone and mobile orders. This trend looks set to continue as tablet and smartphone sales continue to rise.

John Lewis have reported a 114% increase in mobile orders. The company have also released figures indicating that 42% of all online traffic comes from mobile users.

Our peak time for browsing and shopping on johnlewis.com is now Sunday evening. With shoppers becoming more comfortable when purchasing via mobiles and tablets, coupled with better connectivity and the rise of smartphones so people can browse online through the day, it’s not surprising the way we shop has changed.

Mark Lewis, online director at John Lewis

It’s essential that your E-Commerce web design is mobile-friendly. In such a competitive industry you need to deliver the best possible user experience for mobile and tablet site visitors.

To ensure mobile compatibility we recommend that you implement one or more solution from responsive web design, a dedicated mobile site or a mobile app.

Christmas Branding

The best E-Commerce retailers introduce Christmas-themed branding across their website design and social profiles. This helps to reassure customers that you’re a trustworthy retailer at this busy time of year. It’s also an opportunity for you to advertise the products that you’re particularly trying to sell at this time of year.

User Experience

Christmas shopping can be a stressful experience. A huge part of the attraction of online retail is that it takes some of the intensity out of Christmas shopping – as John Lewis have found, you can do it from the comfort of your home on a Sunday evening.

However, E-Commerce doesn’t guarantee a stress-free experience for customers. It’s vital that your website is quick and easy to use, that navigation is clear and that customers can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Stock, Systems and Delivery

At this busy time of year, it’s important that your stock levels and delivery systems match the quality of your website design. Failing to deliver what you’ve promised is a sure-fire way to pick up damaging negative reviews.

Are you ready for a spike in business? If a celebrity purchased one of your products and tweeted about it to thousands of their followers, would your web design and systems be ready to take advantage of the publicity? There’s nothing worse than finding a great Christmas present for a loved one only for it to be out of stock!

We’ll be sharing some really, really last-minute Christmas shopping ideas on Wednesday morning… If you’d like to work with one of London’s leading web design agencies to improve your E-Commerce services, why not contact us to arrange a consultation in the new year?