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Website Maintenance or Complete Redesign?

We often speak to clients who are deciding whether website maintenance or a complete redesign would be the most effective approach for their business to take.

It’s a common question and can often appear to be very confusing. There are times when businesses who are reluctant to invest in a new website design are inadvertently limiting opportunities for growth. There are also times when choosing to prioritise evolving and improving an existing web design is probably the more effective approach.

Advantages of Website Maintenance / Evolving your Website Design

There are clearly many advantages to developing your website over a period of time. This typically involves periodic improvements which can be made by your web design agency or your employees.

The beauty of website maintenance is that it enables you to progressively improve your website design, ironing out bugs and teething issues along the way. You can improve your content and ensure that your website corresponds with your latest strategy and marketing.

It also allows for a consistent user experience, allowing site visitors to become familiar with your website design. This is particularly important when you have regular or repeat users. If you’re running an e-commerce business, for example, a consistent user experience is pivotal to the efficiency with which customers purchase your products. This helps to minimise frustration and encourage repeat business.

It’s also possible to update older websites to ensure that they comply with current standards. We can, for example, retrofit responsive web design so that mobile users experience maximum compatibility when visiting your website. You might also choose to integrate your social media channels into your website, embed your latest video or add a blog or e-commerce function to your web design.

The effectiveness of website maintenance also depends upon the skills that you have within your team. If you have excellent content writers and employees who are able to improve the website over a period of time then this is a huge plus.

We work with many of our clients to ensure that their website is running at maximum efficiency at all times. If you’re looking for this kind of assurance, then website maintenance is a superb option.

Advantages of Website Redesign

There are, however, many situations in which a complete website redesign is a much better option.

It might be that your website is particularly outdated and needs to be redesigned visually. This might also involve updating your branding. If this is the case, a complete website design is an ideal opportunity to get up-to-date as quickly as possible.

If your website is inaccessible for mobile users, or poorly designed so that you experience a very low conversion rate, a website redesign will enable us to develop the website infrastructure. This will result in an infinitely improved performance today and a greater likelihood of future-proofing your site.

There is also something compelling about a fresh, modern website which is regularly redesigned – regardless of whether your branding has changed. If you’re working in the technological sector, for example, this is crucial. It’s also a great way to launch new products and services and show customers that you’re in touch with the latest web design trends.

Finally, a complete website redesign provides a wonderful marketing opportunity and a chance to increase your traffic.

If you’d like to find out more about website maintenance or complete website redesign why not contact us today for more information…