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Website Designers Aren’t Using WordPress to its Fullest

WordPress is a spectacular platform when it comes to producing high quality, reliable websites. However, it’s reached a point where this platform is so omnipresent that there’s a basic level of quality status quo going on. If you want to be a cut above the competition, you need your WordPress website designers to be utilising the right tips and tricks to put your website up there.


That’s why we’ve put together this short list of five ways we commonly see WordPress website designers not utilising WordPress to its fullest potential. As well as what you can do to sort them out.

Keep Things Simple

Nothing quite shouts dated and obsolete like an overly busy and confused webpage. It’s been the WordPress website designers fashion for years now to keep things ultra-stark, simple and easy to follow. If your site is still all buttons, advertisements and images, that’s bad. Not only are you going to be confusing the customer, but you’re also going to be throwing them off the conversion or buying journey.

Stick to one or two images, a simple, easy colour scheme, as well as logical, intuitive navigational menus. You never want to confuse or bombard visitors.

Don’t Let Your WordPress Website Designers Neglect the Favicon

If you’ve ever wondered what that little icon next to the webpages SEO title is called, now you know; the favicon. These are something of a hallmark of professionalism and quality when it comes to websites, and while they’re not as important as they once were, they still matter.

It’s an easy and simple job choosing and inserting a small, easily recognisable image to pop up along with the webpage, so make sure your website designers are getting onto it.

Get User Testing

Nothing wheedles out bad design like a bit of website user testing. User testing is absolutely key when it comes to getting your website designers building the right website for your business.

Frequently, it’s way too easy to miss the forest for the trees, especially when it comes to your business and doing things right. Big pitfalls that are easily apparent to visitors get lost in all the details. User testing is the best way to stress-test and explore a new website, and should be an essential part of the WordPress website designers process.

Utilise Data Feedback

There are so many platforms out there delivering useful, powerful analytical data. Web designers need to make sure they’re tweaking and enhancing website regularly in order to optimise performance. This regular use of data feedback is key. Especially when it comes to producing an effective and reliable site that not only looks amazing but performs amazingly too.

Focus On Speed

Lastly, you’ve got webpage speed. It’s been shown that a two-second delay in page loading times can cause over 100% more bounce rate. This is not something anybody can afford to neglect. WordPress has plenty of testing features and plugins that will allow your WordPress website designers to speed up your website.