Web Design Trends in 2018

14th March 2018


Any web design company that wants to stay ahead of the game needs to have an eye on the future, because web design is a constantly shifting and developing area. There are plenty of fashion shifts and trends that come around every year. Here are some of the biggest for 2018 so far.

Mobile First

Traditional web design generally favours desktop browsers, and that needs to change. Sure, desktop use is how websites have developed to the point they’re at today, and true techy types still use desktops plenty. However, they’re not the majority anymore. Mobile devices are, and that means it’s time to start designing with that in mind from the ground up.

With evermore amazing smartphone screens getting released year on year, featuring crystal clear displays, and curving screens, it’s important to prioritise the look, functionality and style of the site you’re building on a mobile device. We’re well beyond basic mobile responsive design. We now need sites that not only work just as well as on desktop, but work and look better.

Bold, Innovative Typography

Stark, minimalist, clever, arresting and aggressive. Not boring, dull, forgettable, tired. You want typography that stands out, in the most interesting way possible.

Elements like typography choice, cut-out typography, and ever sharper resolution devices, allowing for greater legibility than ever before mean that typography needs to be a powerful weapon in a website designer’s arsenal, and that won’t happen while it’s dated, tired and boring-looking.

Integrated Animations

Animation can play a powerful role in making sites both easier to understand and more engaging, and generally more enjoyable to use. When it comes to keeping users engaged and focused, animation is one of the more potent tricks in the web designer’s tool box.

From simple GIFs, to lengthy flash animations, animations can add a layer of depth and engagement difficult to replicate.

Playfulness, Quirk and Kook

The websites that you’re really going to see coming to the fore in 2018 are those that manage to really stand out. That means innovation, and weirdness! Just being really interesting and quirky can push an otherwise nondescript organisation into new spheres.

You want your sites to be memorable, and the best way to achieve that in a sea of great websites is by doing something strange no one else is!

Asymmetry can be Engaging

A few years ago, every single site you saw had the same central layout, with everything lining up neatly, and looking very sharp. The trouble is, that’s boring, and quickly looks dated nowadays.

If you want a sharper, hipper look, try a bit of asymmetry. It can be just as engaging, and look substantially more up-to-date and interesting.

E-Commerce Explosion

Over the last few years, e-commerce has gotten bigger and bigger, with more websites and businesses springing up all the time. That’s made e-commerce-specific web design a real skill all on its own.

Did you know the biggest problem facing e-commerce websites? It’s abandoned shopping carts. You don’t see that in real supermarkets, do you? People just upping and leaving their shopping cart, mid-way through their shop. That’s why website designers need to streamline, and make the buying process as easy, smooth and quick as possible.