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Web Design: Teaming Up

Team Sky Web Design Team

In the web design industry we often hear catch-all phrases like “website design” or “web designer”. These are interchangeable, easy to understand and nicely summarise what happens in the industry of designing and building websites.

However, in many ways this only paints part of the picture. The truth is that the best websites are built by teams of people who contribute their unique and diverse skills and experience to the project.

There are numerous reasons why teams are effective in the business world. Teamwork inevitably helps to create an environment where accountability and problem-solving flow. It helps you to continue working at the same intensity when the workload ramps up, and gives you the clout to handle multiple complex projects simultaneously. Teamwork also acknowledges that most professions require a broad range of skills and experience that individuals may or may have. It helps you do more together than you can do alone.

In the web design industry teamwork is crucial. This is because designing and building bespoke websites can be broken down into a number of different processes, each requiring particular skills and experience. The more complex the website design project, the more important teamwork becomes.

Here are some of the more specific skills and roles that fall within the remit of “web design” and “web designer”…

Project Manager

This person is present at every stage of the web design process. They will normally be the client’s first point of contact from day 1 until the website is live and beyond. The project manager will have a thorough understanding of the web design industry, the technical requirements that the client will be looking for and the skills that are needed to make it happen. They will ensure that the website is delivered on time and to the standard that the client requires.

Graphic Designer / Web Designer

The overlapping disciples of graphic design and web design are necessary to turn the web design brief into a series of possible proposals. This may or may not include a total rebrand of the client’s business, including logo design, colour schemes etc. This is undertaken by a highly creative, visual member of the team.

Web Developer / Coder

Whilst many web designers are skilled at building websites, web developers are adept at implementing more advanced requirements. They will build the website, implement responsive web design features and be responsible for making the website both functional and fast.

Content Writer / SEO

Whilst many clients are happy to produce their own content, the best website design teams will normally have an experienced copywriter who can write compelling and catchy content. They will also help the client understand and implement SEO principles to help increase the volume of organic traffic from search engine results pages. This includes advising the client about the value of search engine marketing.

In a rapidly changing industry, these roles are constantly evolving as new skills are required. To work with one of the UK’s best web design teams why not contact us today and find out how we can help you with your next website design project.