Web design secrets

19th March 2012


Web design is an important aspect for all types of businesses. Getting it right is vital in order to create the right impression, so there are a few secret tips to make sure you are one of those successful sites.

The layout should be clean and clear, so do not over clutter it, as this will put the visitor off. Keep text to the relevant information only. You can try breaking large paragraphs up with headings, spaces, links and also images. Do not go overboard on images either though, as too many of these can cause the site to take a long time to load.

Always think of your audience. Keep them in mind when creating the design and be sure to tailor the text, images and layout to suit them. It shows that you know your market well and can give them exactly what they are looking for.

Make your design as interesting as possible and be sure to get it to stand out from competitors. By making it interactive, it will also keep visitors interested and should encourage them to come back again and again. This can be done via mailing lists, social network interactions and even putting new information or news up on the site every day or week. A blog is particularly ideal for this. Videos can also help to increase interest, but be sure to check that they don’t slow down the loading of the website.

Keep the design professional, simple and attractive. Every little detail will make a difference, so test it before it goes live and ask for feedback on how you can improve it.