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Web Design: Evolution or Revolution?

It can sometimes feel like web designers are walking along the narrowest of tightropes…

Lean too far to your artistic left, and you’ll be at risk of creating stunning, abstract website designs which are undeniably beautiful but are simply too complex for the average site visitor to appreciate.

Lean too far to your functional right, and you’ll constantly feel like you’re suppressing your creative nature in order to create generic websites that are geared solely at providing a quality user experience.

It really shouldn’t be this way. After all, surely web designers are both artists and engineers, dreaming up new possibilities and then working out how to code them into reality.

The Evolutionary Power of Conservative Web Design

It is undeniable that web design is ultimately all about building websites that help the user find and respond to information. The similarities with newspapers and magazine (ie print design) are clear. In this regard, website designers are responsible for ensuring that their designs provide the best possible framework within which information can be clearly shared.

The comparison with newspapers is a very helpful one. The design of newspapers is constantly evolving, but the core ingredients will always be there. Headlines will always catch the reader’s eye and draw them into the detail below. Newspapers will always include various forms of visual communication – photographs, tables, charts and even cartoons – all intended to help engage with the reader.

It’s also worth being aware that changes in newspapers tend to be evolutionary not revolutionary The Times resized their broadsheet to a more commuter-friendly tabloid format, but the content, style and branding remained identical. The paper still sandwiches opinion and comment between front-page news and back-page sport. Even the move to tablet formats has been made with the core stylistic components very much intact…

The Revolutionary Power of Creative Web Design

Creative web design, however, throws away some of the shackles that bind user-experience focussed web designers. It’s when web designers remove some of their preconceived frameworks that we start to see revolutionary developments in technology, and ultimately in website design itself.

This can take many forms. Historically, designing with Flash enabled web designers to bring movement and sound to a website, which previously had simply been unthinkable. Today, we see one-page websites boasting all the content and functionality of traditional web design. Changes in technology – most recently the introduction of HTML5 and responsive web design capabilities – allow website designers to redefine the way that we think about the look and feel of a website.

Evolution & Revolution

We believe that web design is about harnessing the best of both worlds. As a London web design agency with a wide range of clients we know that every website design should both help the client communicate information efficiently and clearly and impress the user with the visual experience that the website delivers.

In our experience the best website designers are committed to walking the tightrope, embracing both conservative principles and creative endeavours.

You can find out more about our web design services by checking our our portfolio or getting in touch with us today.