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Web design essentials

A web design company will often use a variety of software packages and other tools in order to create a website from scratch. They can be very useful in helping to get everything just right, and to look as professional as possible, as well as saving time. Graphic design and web design link into one another, as a new site will often need some sort of brand identity with a new logo or other aspects to make it stand out from the competition and to make it as appealing as possible to customers.

Adobe Photoshop is a fundamental software package to have. It is used by so many people in the design world and can help with all sorts of creative work. Photo editing is one of its main uses, as there are various tools within it to help retouch images or add additional features to them. Web design layouts can also be created using this.

BrowserShots checks cross-browser compatibility to ensure that the site will work on various types of browsers and not just limited to one or two. This is mainly for designs that have a large amount of graphics on them. Font Doctor helps to check for any errors when using different fonts on a site design. Blender helps with 3D animations and is another useful piece of software to have, while colour schemes can be created via Adobe Kuler. FavIcon Generator benefits brand identity as it is often used to make favourite icons that are displayed in the bookmark sections. There are all sorts of other useful software packages available. Some of these are free, while others are quite expensive.