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Web Design as a Modern Skill for Scouts

For years, the American girl scouts have been earning badges as a merit for various different skills. Recently this has undergone an overhaul. It now includes a range of more modern talents, such as web design, customer loyalty, product design and even netiquette, amongst others. This is part of the celebration of the Scouts 100th anniversary.

Where art meets web design, it has been the biggest change to the badges since the year 1987. It allows the scouts to have an up to date list of skills they can learn, which are actually useful and relevant within modern society. Almost everyone uses the internet these days, being very popular with young people in particular, so it was a no-brainer to actually include web related studies within the badge list. The girls are now able to develop their online and computer skills until they are good enough to earn a badge within that subject. It can be a great thing to have for employers, as well as allowing them to broaden their horizons and find something they are talented at.

The new list of badges promotes creativity and independence, getting them interested in all sorts of different subjects that are useful within today’s modern world. It also shows a sense of entrepreneurship to allow the girls to think of ways in which they can work for themselves in the future by using a skill that they are good at to earn money from. They could offer this as a freelance service and become their own boss, or set up a company and employ others to work for them.