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5 Ways Website Developers Will Adapt to the 2020s

As we enter another exciting decade of technological development, we’re looking at five of the ways website developers are going to have to adapt to keep up with the time!

Responsive Design Becomes the Norm for Website Developers

Over the last decade, one of the most prominent shifts in website development is the steadily increasing necessity of responsive design. Back in the day, talking around 2010, you would frequently see desktop-only websites and only the bigger sites would bother with mobile alternatives. And there were lots of ways those bigger websites went around mobile design too. It’s vitally important, especially considering just how much browsing is done on mobile rather than on desktop PCs nowadays. It’s not just vital from that perspective either. With so many emergent technologies starting to take hold, responsive design is the basic bare minimum a website requires if they want to have any chance when it comes to adapting to new tech on the horizon.

Voice Search is Going to Necessitate Voice Website Navigation

Voice search website navigation is going to be game-changing for tons of reasons. It’s also going to take a lot of work to get right! It’s going to be interesting to see how website developers adapt to the changing landscape.

Virtual Reality Optimised Websites Will Be Interesting

With Firefox’s first-ever VR browser released in 2017, VR has already made the first big step towards functioning as a browser. Next up, you’ve got to think about the sheer potential of a VR website. You could have websites that were rooms, all kinds of 3D designs and ideas. Once again, this is going to present an absolute litany of challenges and problems for website developers. We’re sure we’re going to be seeing some incredible websites in the coming years. It’s going to be an exciting decade.

AI Analytics Tech Will Help Sites Utilise User Feedback Better Than Ever

AI tech is going to make website analytics even more powerful. By being able to effectively and logically break down the tons of data provided by visitors to a website, AI-based analytics tools will enable website developers to much better utilise the feedback to enhance and boost site performance. Expect a new generation of more developed, functional websites.

Design Continues to Shift and Adapt

One area you can never afford to make too many predictions in is design and taste. Curse that subjectivity! One shift we’ve seen in the past year is a turn away from the over-complicated, fussy design. This is accompanied by a return to extremely functional minimalism, often with carefully and selectively designed features. Who’s to say how things will continue to develop across the next decade? One thing is for sure if this decade is anything like the last, website developers are going to have plenty of interesting stuff to contend with.