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How to Use Instagram for Business this Christmas

With over 200 million active users, Instagram is the undisputed darling of the social media world. Users love its simplicity, high levels of engagement and beautiful interface. It’s the real deal. You might not, however, have realised the vast potential of Instagram for business users. Here’s a brief introduction to using Instagram for business this Christmas.

Introduction to Instagram for Business

The numbers really are staggering, with over 20 billion photos shared and 1.6 billion daily likes, but the real power of Instagram lies in the engagement ratio. It’s not uncommon to see a user with 50 followers averaging 10 likes per post, a ratio of 1 in 5. To achieve this on Facebook or Twitter would be almost unthinkable.

The best place to get started is the Instagram for Business website.  Here you’ll find various tutorials and a number of case studies from the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Levi’s and Ben & Jerry’s. The fact that so many businesses are using Instagram for business with such success should encourage you to investigate further.

There are several ways in which Instagram has the potential to help grow your business. The most obvious would be brand engagement, brand recognition and marketing.

Another important comment about Instagram for Business would be that it’s not just for visual businesses. There can be a misconception that it’s only suitable for eCommerce retailers and creative businesses with various attractive products that can be photographed and shared. However, we’ve seen professional services firms use Instagram with just as much success. After all, 5 years ago people were saying that Twitter for Business wasn’t an option for many businesses, and time has shown this to be untrue.

How to Use Instagram for Business this Christmas 

One of the most daunting things about Instagram for Business is getting started. You might be stuck for inspiration, or concerned about failing to engage with your users. Christmas provides a very natural opportunity to start using Instagram to promote your business.

Here are our four top tips for getting started with Instagram for Business this Christmas:

1. Connect to Facebook 

One of the quickest ways to start building an Instagram following is to connect your account to Facebook. This will let you share images to your company’s Facebook page, letting existing users know that you’re on Instagram. This will also help to strengthen your Facebook page, with image-heavy contributions likely to attract higher engagement.

2. Identify Your USP 

It will make life much easier if you can work out what’s unique about your business. This will give you the confidence to be yourself and show your business at its best.

3. Tell Stories 

They say that an image tells a thousand words, and Instagram is reaping the benefit. It’s not just about sharing photos; it’s about sharing photos that tell a story about the lives that are being lived in them.

4. Use #Hashtags 

Finally, a quick and effective way to pick up likes and followers is to use suitable hashtags to widen your audience and connect with people who are interested in business like yours.