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Tribute to Apple Creator Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs revolutionised the technology industry and converted many Windows PC fans into Apple users. With the creation of multiple Apple devices, such as the MacBook, iPod and iPhone, and more recently the iPad, he has changed many people’s lives and made such gadgets easier to use. Despite his recent death from cancer, his legacy will continue to go on as people keep on using his products.

Where art meets web design, the Apple products have a very unique appearance and style. They seem very minimalist and graphics based compared to other operating systems that are sometimes more text based. This makes them very easy to use and hence why their popularity has grown amongst people all over the world.

A large percentage of the public own iPhones, making them one of the top market leaders, along with Blackberry and HTC. Regular software updates are available, allowing the devices to stay up to date with all the latest features. This means they have an advantage over other types of phones, as people can lose interest and want a newer, modern version to upgrade to.

When downloading music, the majority of people use iTunes, which can also be synced to iPods, making them very easy to use. The creation of the iPod Touch brought about a big change in the music market. It allowed videos to also be played, and more recently it can be used similar to a phone or computer, with the added feature of a camera. You can also download and use various apps on the device as well as accessing the internet, so it is an all round portable piece of technology.