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Top Web Design Trends in 2012

Where art meets web design, it is common to have changing trends every year in the online world. This often affects how web designers create new sites as they aim to keep up with the popular crazes on the internet. This year has been no different as several designs have been pinpointed as being a big hit over the next few months.

Magazine-orientated layouts are set to become very popular in 2012. This is where small images are displayed next to titles where visitors can click over in order to see further pages. The benefit of this to the website is that users spend more time on it.

Large images are also quite popular now, as internet speeds have increased over recent years. This has meant that many people are still able to access a website without any problems if there is a large graphic displayed. It can improve the design of the site by adding colour and dimension, rather than just having lots of text.

Links to social networking sites of that company are also being widely used. Small thumbnail logos of each social network are placed in a designated area of the site so that users can easily access further pages and information, such as being a fan on Facebook or following the company on Twitter for all the latest news.

More and more people are using mobile phones in order to access the internet these days. This means that apps are often created for websites so that users have easier access to a more simplified version, meaning that it does not slow down their browser.