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Think Like a Customer to Win New Business

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is winning new customers online. Whether you’re an E-Commerce retailer or a professional services firm, the primary objective for your website is to generate/facilitate new customers bringing their business to you. However, you don’t have to speak to many businesses to find that this doesn’t always happen as it should. One of the most effective ways to improve the performance of your website is to think like a customer to win new business.

Think Like a Customer to Win New Business: 3 Steps

We often see business websites that, unfortunately, completely fail to provide what their prospective customers are looking for. It can be very easy to build a website around what we think the business needs to communicate. However, the simple truth is that a website needs to give potential customers the information that they need to overcome the problem they’re trying to solve.

Step 1: Understand the Problem

The first step is to understand exactly what your prospective customers are trying to achieve. What is the problem that they need to overcome? Whether it’s booking a holiday, buying a gift or finding a professional, every potential customer is visiting your website because they have a problem that needs solving. Only a very small percentage of your visitors will have an inherent interest in your business; the rest will be looking for something very particular.

Step 2: Share in the Problem

The next step is to show your visitors that you understand the problem. This can be achieved in a very subtle way. Let’s take the example of booking a holiday. A simple, minimalistic homepage which is incredibly easy to use will clearly make booking a holiday a much easier experience. However, it’s unlikely that you’d have achieved such an effective website if you hadn’t appreciated how difficult a process booking a holiday can be.

By understanding the issues facing your customers – and integrating the solutions in a prominent and helpful way – you’ll radically improve the user experience that you can offer to customers, and give yourself a much better chance of winning new business.

Step 3: Provide Clear Next Steps

Understanding the problem facing customers – and integrating an effective solution – is a vital process that will help you make massive improvements to your website. If you’re really going to see big results then the final step is to provide clear next steps that enable potential customers to sign on the dotted line and make a commitment to bringing their services to you.

We talk a lot about the important of the call-to-action, but user experience is about more than simply clicking on a prominent button. Effective websites provide clearly signposted steps that enable customers to take next steps and understand exactly what this will entail. In other words, rather than simply clicking on a ‘buy now’ or ‘contact us’ button, customers have a clear indication of what this will mean going forwards. Ultimately, winning new business isn’t about tricking customers into clicking buttons; it’s about understanding what they need and helping them every step of the way.