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The Power of Keeping Up 5: SEO Social Media Trends That You Need to Focus On

In part 5 of our series on the value and power of keeping up with digital trends, we’re talking SEO and social media and how it can supercharge your online business.

Why are SEO Social Media Trends So Vital?

                   So, you’ve built an absolutely sterling website. It’s up to date with all the latest tech and design trends, it’s flawlessly fast and smooth and spectacularly functional. You’ve spent a lot on it. How depressing would it be to see it not get the attention and traffic that you need? This is the reality of failing to prioritise SEO and social media.

You can’t just trust in your spectacular website to pull in the traffic that your business needs, you need SEO and social media backing you and building that reliable, long-term traffic. There’s lots of different approaches to SEO. From technical SEO optimisation on-site to content optimisation and marketing, over to PPC and other paid techniques. Then you’ve got social media playing a vital supporting role.

Social Media is a Huge Part of SEO

                    There are parts of SEO that are completely separate from social media marketing, but social media plays a huge role when it comes to plenty of different elements of SEO, as well as vice versa. They play off each other, allowing you to build a positive feedback loop that amplifies the effectiveness of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Say you’re utilising content marketing as part of your overall strategy, utilising that same content as something to post on social media regularly helps form the funnel of traffic to your website.

On the other hand, social media marketing can be a hugely powerful part of your marketing strategy on its own. As a direct way of interacting with your customers and as a way to personalise and humanise your business, nothing compares to social media.

Major SEO Trends in 2020

                    High-quality, SEO optimised content is always going to be massively powerful. In 2020, more businesses are realising the power of providing powerful, completely optimised SEO social media content on their websites. From articles to video content, properly optimised content is a hugely useful tool.

Analytics is key as well, especially if you want to be making sure you’re spending your budget right. No one wants to waste money on techniques that are outdated or failing to provide real results, and analytics is vital to this. Lastly, you’ve got mobile SEO. This is always going to be hugely important in this day and age for obvious reasons.

Vital SEO Social Media Marketing Trends

                    When it comes to social media marketing, it’s all about keeping up with the trends. Whether that’s simply jumping on new social media forms or using new tricks and techniques. Keeping up with social media is vital. For example, the first companies to jump on TikTok saw massive benefits from their efforts. Especially when combined with savvy branded filters and competitions. As far as SEO social media strategies are concerned, this is vital.