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The new Twitter Makeover

Twitter has recently overhauled its web design, which many people have received so far, but is yet to be updated for others. The new changes have been made on both its smartphone app and main website. It has still aimed to keep the new design simple, which is one of Twitter’s main features and pulling factors compared to other social networks, such as Facebook and MySpace.

Android phones and iPhones will receive the all-new look, while iPad users will have to wait a little longer. The layout has changed quite a lot, as the navigation bar is on the left-hand side instead of the top. This aims to give user’s easier access to the information that they want to view. It has created quite an impact amongst the public so far and many people have claimed to prefer this new design over the previous one.

The tweets, which are the main appeal of Twitter, will be listed on the right-hand side. Therefore, with this new modification, they will be able to be viewed very easily.

Social networks often change their designs on a regular basis in order to keep users interested and raise publicity in their sites. It also helps to tweak out any problems some users may be experiencing and to help improve the design overall. Sometimes small changes are made, while other times there are major overhauls. Twitter has become a real contender against other social networks this year and many people now prefer it over Facebook, where celebrities have felt more comfortable joining up to the simple social network to tweet to their fans and keep them informed about what is going on in their lives.