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The Importance of Inspiration

In creative industries like web design the importance of inspiration cannot be understated…

It’s remarkable how often it happens. Every web designer has experienced it. After hours/days/weeks spent working on a new website, it’s uncanny how often the real design breakthroughs happen at the most inconvenient times. Whether it’s late at night, whilst you’re on holiday or just when you’re looking to focus on another project, inspiration has a habit of arriving at unexpected moments.

However, in order to consistently provide high-quality web design solutions for your clients, you can’t sit around waiting for great ideas to effortlessly appear in your mind. When you design websites for a living, it goes without saying that proactively finding fresh sources of inspiration is very important indeed.

It’s vital that you keep inspired. There are various reasons for this.

There are times when a source of inspiration will help you achieve something similar. If a web designer has found a creative way to solve a problem or written a particularly inventive bit of code, you’ll be well served by learning to emulate their breakthroughs. This will often entail learning a new skill or sharpening up in a particular area of your design.

There are also times when a source of inspiration will encourage you to make similar breakthroughs. If you’ve had a great idea but aren’t quite sure how to get the rubber on the road, seeing another creative web design solution might give you the spark that you’ve been looking for to turn your own dreams into reality.

In a rapidly-changing industry like website design it can be near-impossible for a full-time designer to keep tabs of every change and development that happens. This can mean that web designers tend to have learning experiences which are achieved primarily whilst working on-the-job to solve a problem or deliver a solution. However, simply by keeping an eye on what fellow designs and developers are doing it’s possible both to find inspiration in the day-to-day and identify new technology and techniques to get better in.

Because web-design is a discipline which draws inspiration from a range of other disciplines, we try to draw inspiration from a range of sources. It’s amazing how helpful fashion, tech and photography sites can be in finding new ways to design websites. We often find that those working in marketing, advertising and branding are asking very similar questions and facing very similar challenges to web designers.

We also find it helpful to step into our clients’ world and keep tabs on changes and developments in the industries that they are working in. Needless to say, web design articles and journals written by others in the industry are clearly a helpful way to learn and develop.

If you’re working in a creative industry or responsible for web maintenance, communications or media then why not factor time into every working day to keep yourself inspired? If you’re prone to wasting time on the internet, why not redeem it as a time for research and inspiration.

You might be surprised at the difference it makes…