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StumbleUpon Makeover

Where art meets web design, the StumbleUpon site has had a big makeover recently. They have changed a number of aspects including a completely new logo and a new channels feature. This allows visitors to subscribe to content uploaded by celebrities and other companies.

Changing a website on a regular basis, whether the content itself or adding new features, is very important. It helps to keep visitors interested and gives the incentive for them to come back again. This will help to improve your customer base and entice them to take advantage of new offers.

Many sites update with news from time to time. This could be what the company has been up to, as it shows they are very busy and a good business to use for their products or services, as others are clearly interested in them. If you do not want to do this, you could set up a blog with news within your industry to keep customers engaged. You can also add new special offers, such as discount codes or free samples, to your site to entice visitors to come back again. This should also encourage them to spend more while they browse through the rest of your site.

The design can be changed every now and then if you feel it has become outdated or could be improved upon. You do not have to edit the colour scheme, but perhaps just add new features instead. They should be relevant to your company and help your customers with a new task, for example. If it enhances your services then go for it, but if it isn’t really relevant then it is best to leave it out.