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Should You Start a Business Blog?

With many leading businesses using a business blog as a key marketing channel, it can sometimes feel as though the merits of a business blog are overwhelming. As keen believers in the importance of a high-quality business blog, we’re persuaded that this is an extremely beneficial option for most businesses.

Whether you’re exploring the possibility of starting a business blog or looking for ways to kickstart your business blogging, here are 5 things to think about when considering “should you start a business blog?”

1. Clarify Your Ideas

One of the best reasons to start a business blog is that regular blogging helps you to clarify and streamline your thinking. When you have to communicate through a relatively short, written medium you really start thinking about what your readers need to hear. There is also something intrinsically helpful about writing things down. Regularly contributing to a business blog helps you to sort out the good ideas from the bad and learn what’s really important about your business.

In highly competitive industry sectors the most successful businesses are often those who manage to sound the clearest note and connect most effectively with their customers. Blogging will both help you to achieve this and improve your ability to communicate with your readers.

2. Gain Valuable Feedback and Input from Readers

Business blogging isn’t merely a one-way process. It will give you an opportunity to communicate with your readers, but it will also help you to gain valuable feedback.

There are several ways in which this can happen. You might find that certain products or services receive much more positive feedback than others. Readers might start suggesting certain areas or questions that they’d like you to cover in future articles. Your business might receive reviews and commentary through a business blog that simply can’t be obtained elsewhere.

Facilitating two-way communications with readers is a great reason to start – and continue – a regular business blog.

3. Build a Following

This is probably the most obvious benefit of starting a business blog. By regularly commentating on the issues within your expertise you’ll start to build a loyal following who will look to you for guidance and analysis on key issues. This will in turn drive further traffic and increase your influence.

In many sectors building a following is a key part of winning business. A business blog will help you to connect and establish trust with prospective clients; they can read about your skills and experience in an engaging, persuasive context.

4. Use Content Marketing to Drive Website Traffic

As you start to build a following, you may find that your business blog becomes one of your biggest marketing weapons. Not only will you gain a following of loyal customers, you’ll start to see your organic website traffic significantly increase. A well-written article will receive an initial burst of traffic through regular readers, email marketing and social media distribution, but it will also continue to receive traffic as your articles begin to feature prominently for relevant search terms.

5. Practical Considerations

Whilst there are many compelling reasons for starting a business blog, there are also several practical considerations that you need to think about. Who will contribute to your blog? Have you got enough content and ideas to post on a regular basis? Is this an area of your business that you could outsource in order to free up more time for you to focus on other priorities?

Should you start a business blog? Whilst every business blog will have its own characteristics and features, we’re convinced that business blogging remains one of the best ways to grow your business online.