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Spotify Now Has User Spotify Stories, the Question is Why?

We’ve seen stories introduced to so many of the apps we use on the regular. That’s why it’s really no surprise that they’ve now come to Spotify, Spotify stories. Why have they introduced this feature now? That’s exactly what we’re looking at today.

Spotify Now Has Spotify Stories

Recently, Spotify decided to follow the increasingly common trend of social media apps adding in “story” features. Stories are generally based around the idea of allowing users to post temporary daily videos and photos. These features make absolute sense on apps like Snapchat and Instagram. The purpose of these apps’ centres almost entirely on social updates. Whereas with Spotify, it is much more focused on the pure role of music streaming.

Spotify used to have messaging features years ago, are they trying to move back towards a more social music app? Or is this just another attempt to increase their ability to advertise and post content? 

Stories Have Steadily Crept into Almost Every Social Media

Over the past few years, stories, which originated more with social media apps have been migrating out into general apps more and more often. YouTube is a notable example.

Does Anyone Like Stories, Spotify Stories or Otherwise?

When we talk about popular apps introducing Instagram, Snapchat or Spotify stories, it’s important to remember that these apps are just so huge and widely used that it’s basically redundant to discuss whether or not people like various features. There will always be individuals turning new features to their advantage on social media. Whether that’s just for cultivating followers or advertising their business, it’s always going to be the case.

That said, when it comes to Spotify launching their story feature, you really have to question whether or not it makes sense for their app. The whole point of Spotify is music streaming, and not really much else. They already turned their back on social features a long time back. While you can still have shared playlists, that’s about all that’s needed on Spotify. A similar shared watchlist system could be really useful on video streaming apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime, too.

Apps Trying to Move Away from Their Original Purpose?

A more cynical person might simply read this move by Spotify as a deliberate step away from the needs of their audience. Potentially, further towards the ad revenue and social media benefits of adding in stories. Being able to utilise stories for advertising and other features could allow them to transform a fairly pure, focused service into a myriad of other elements.

Already they diversified by adding in more and more podcasts this year, including Joe Rogan’s podcast. Who knows what the real goal of introducing Spotify stories really is.