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Sophisticated and Tailored Web Design Important for Restaurants

Restaurant websites require an element of sophistication to be factored into the overall web design in order to attract potential customers to dine with them.  Web designers, therefore, need to be aware of this when dealing with a restaurateur and tailor their plans to meet the clients needs, without going overboard on their usual flashy designs.

Flamboyant Flash-based websites are great for certain types of businesses, perhaps leaning more towards the creative industries, such as music, film and media, but this is not the case with dining establishments.  Customers often want to see a simple yet sophisticated webpage that is easy to read and navigate through.  Flash can often get in the way of this and slow loading times down, which is also not ideal for portable devices such as mobile phones.  With the growing use of these, and people wanting to access websites whilst on the move, it is important to keep the design accessible to such modern gadgets.

Restaurant websites should, of course, be eye-catching, but just in a simple way.  The use of fancy, yet readable, font is encouraged, with a clear and uncomplicated colour scheme.  High quality images can add extra interest to the webpage without going overboard.  You may even want to factor in a simple slideshow for added dimension, but remember to keep in mind the accessibility element for mobile phones.  If you can create a mobile friendly version of your website too, then this is even better, as you can have the best of both worlds.  By keeping the client at the forefront of your mind and not letting your creative designs get carried away, you cannot go far wrong.