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Social Politics

With the election date set and the parties in full campaigning gear, it’s interesting to see how the web, and social networking in particular, will be used by the main parties. Bear in mind that at the time of the last election Youtube was a mere 4 months old, Facebook and twitter were a year away.

We’ve compiled a short list of the main parties twitter, facebook and You tube pages – it shows how important an area of the media this has become that all three parties have very strong representation here.

Of course it’s not all kissing babies, dull speeches and manifestos that can be found – the interactivity of the web allow some interesting tools for the election. Two that we particularly like are the BBC’s election seat calculator – interesting in it’s own right – but a great piece of interactive design too! And the Telegraph’s  “How should I vote” tool which asks you a number of questions before letting you see which party is most suited to your views. And our favourite (and the power of the viral) is http://mydavidcameron.com/ this started as one person making a ‘version’ of their own Tory poster … it spawned hundreds of others – you really have to admire the design and creativity of people here!

It’s going to be an interestingcampaign with the internet playing a really significant role.