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Social media site gets a new look

Even some of the world’s most famous websites need a new website design from time to time.  Linkedin has just given its homepage a new look and offers those using the social media site a simpler layout.  The site is a professional social network and the aim is to produce a website that makes it easier to search for the required information.  There will also be a new focus on news and updates.  Users will no longer need to click on a link that says “see more” in order to get further updates from those in their network.

The new website design will make it much easier for users to keep up-to-date and this clearly demonstrates how established companies can be reviewing their website design in order to ensure that it remains relevant to the needs of the end user.  The use of social media marketing is popular now and Linkedin is a site that allows professionals to market their skills in order to make contacts or find work.  Social networks such as this are considered to be essential now for those who want to create their own opportunities and promote their skills and abilities.

There are plans for the website designers to add a number of new features in the near future, with more customisable options for users.  At the present time the changes are available on the US site and no date has been given for the changes to be applied to the UK site.  In recent months the site has suffered a number of setbacks and this new look is just one way in which it is able to give its image a makeover.  The new look will help to give the company’s branding a new start and help users to forget any problems.