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Should Your eCommerce Business Have a Mobile App?

As a growing, thriving eCommerce business in today’s online landscape, it is definitely worth thinking about whether or not your business should build an app for your customers. That is why we’ve put together a quick article discussing whether or not your eCommerce business should build a mobile app.

When to Build a Mobile eCommerce App

For some eCommerce businesses, there can be some strong limitations that come alongside depending entirely on a website. Don’t get me wrong, a website can do a lot for an eCommerce business, but there’s very definitely situations where having an app can be absolutely essential.

For some of the bigger eCommerce behemoths, like Amazon or eBay, for instance, having an app has allowed them to provide a quicker, easier and more effective service. Allowing for quicker loading times, lower shopping cart abandonment rates, and other benefits. The fact is, if you’re looking to build a large marketplace-style eCommerce site, an app can be hugely useful. If you’re selling a select few products, then a dedicated app probably isn’t the way to go.

Businesses that focus on digital products can also benefit hugely from investing in a mobile eCommerce app. Like with Amazon, again, where a cornerstone of their services is streaming as well as eBooks. Having dedicated apps has proven hugely useful. If your business has digital products, it might be worth considering.

Advantages of An eCommerce Mobile App

There’s a whole raft of benefits to be had when it comes to building an eCommerce mobile app for an online business. These include (but aren’t limited to!):

  • Convenience
  • Personalised shopping experience
  • Lower Cart Abandonment
  • Competitive advantage
  • Refined marketing communications

Often these simply come down to the fundamental benefits of having storage space for your content on user’s devices. Plus, your customers are more likely to regularly use the eCommerce mobile app more than the online website. This allows you to gather more info.

Is a Responsive Website Enough?

This is the main question eCommerce businesses need to be asking themselves. You can do a lot with a responsive website. You can produce a really powerful, high ranking and completely functional shopping experience. But once your eCommerce website starts failing to cover your needs, or if you want to expand to new areas and services, it’s time for a mobile eCommerce app. Maybe including digital products or growing into multiple sectors, an app can make for a powerful choice.

eCommerce Mobile Apps Are for Growing Businesses

Let’s face it, if you’re a small, simple eCommerce business, selling one type of physical product, you probably don’t need an app. Businesses that need an app don’t generally only need an app either. If you’re thinking about developing a mobile app, you will be developing it to complement your eCommerce site. Combining the marketing, customisation and other benefits of the two together.

It’s time to build an app once you’ve outgrown the limitations of even a modern, responsive website. Once you’ve reached this point, an app alongside simply makes sense. However, it’s definitely not a starting point for most online businesses.