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Sharing Tweets to Snapchat and How Social Media Services Have Never Been More Integrated

            Regular updates to social media services are nothing surprising, but the recent decision by Snapchat to integrate elements of Twitter and potentially Instagram in future could have some interesting consequences moving forward. Here’s what’s happening and why it’s an interesting move for the social media giants.

Sharing Tweets on Snapchat

            As of Thursday, 17th, you will be able to share Tweets to your Snapchat. This means that if you have friends without the same breadth of social media services as you, you’ll be able to share things with them. It also means that you can share Tweets and information from your favourite celebrities and sources on your Snapchat.

This is obviously a big leap forward for the integration of social media services. Essentially, allowing the giants of social media to start moving towards a more interlinked future. With all the added benefits that’ll offer both users and the businesses themselves.

Sharing Instagram Stories Will Start Testing Soon

            Similar to sharing Tweets on Snapchat, the social media giants are also looking into the possibilities of sharing Instagram posts and stories on Snapchat. This could have very similar possibilities and benefits to being able to share Tweets. However, as of now it’s unconfirmed and still in the testing phases. However, this could be something we see very soon.

Combining Social Media Forms Might Be the Future

            As far as social media giants are concerned, combining different forms of social media services could be the answer when it comes to different demographics utilising different forms of social media. With Facebook usage falling off with younger people, it definitely made sense for Facebook to buy Instagram several years ago. With that, they started to integrate the various forms of social media is a solid approach when it comes to future-proofing social media apps.

By allowing users to simply use one potential app in future. You could see social media consolidating their hold over the zeitgeist and younger people. As well as all the inherent marketing, convenience and technological benefits inherent to that.

This Giant Social Media Hub Could Start Absorbing Other Apps Too

            Already we’re seeing Spotify starting to utilise stories similar to Snapchat and Instagram. Maybe as the major players start to consolidate and amalgamate, you’ll see more less social apps start to integrate social media services and link into the overall social media apps.

Almost all shopping and streaming apps have integrated sharing features for social media services. However, that’s potentially just the beginning of a more integrated, convenient approach to apps and social media. The high street might be dying. But that doesn’t mean that online shopping won’t be able to offer a more social alternative in future.