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Why Sharing Content is Just as Important as Creating Content

One of the biggest secrets behind achieving online success is working out how to create regular, engaging content that helps to broaden your audience. This can be achieved in various ways. Businesses typically choose to create blogs, white papers, infographics, press releases and email marketing campaigns in order to reach more people. Deciding to create your own content is a big step for many businesses, but it’s very difficult to grow your business online without using this strategy. However, content creation alone is only the first part of the process. In this short article we’ll be explaining why sharing content is just as important as creating content.

Why is Creating Content so Important?

In the world of digital marketing content creation has never been regarded so highly. Traditional, ‘quick fix’ SEO tactics are no longer effective, and search engines are only likely to rank businesses highly if they produce regular, informative content. A static website is unlikely to generate the kinds of results that lead to significant growth.

However, content creation isn’t just a means to an end in order to improve SEO results. It’s increasingly being seen as one of the most effective ways to connect and build trust with your customers. The articles and material that you produce will speak volumes about the quality, relevance and success of your business. Creating content allows you to make numerous first impressions with new users. It allows you to advertise and promote your business on your own terms, and invite potential customers to explore your business further.

Another reason why content creation is so important is that it helps you to keep existing customers engaged. If you have a regular blog or email newsletter then you have multiple opportunities to remind your audience why you’re so good at what you do. It will help to create better conversations with your end users, and the feedback that you’ll receive will help to shape the way that you do business.

Why Sharing Content is Just as Important as Creating Content

However, it’s possible to do everything mentioned above and still fail to generate the kinds of results that we’ve suggested are possible. Why is this? It’s becoming increasingly clear that sharing content is just as important as creating content.

If you’re creating content but not sharing it then your referral traffic is likely to be very low indeed. This will limit the impact that your content is going to have in the search engine results pages; if you have relevant content but not evidence that anybody is actually finding it useful (typically evidenced through traffic, backlinks and social signals) then your competitors are likely to rank higher than you, even where they are providing less relevant material.

We’re also seeing more and more how important it is to get your high-quality content into the hands of the people who will appreciate it. As we’ve already hinted, email marketing and social media are two of the best ways to achieve this, simply because you can start to collect a database of people who like what you’re doing.

Sharing content multiple times through multiple channels is also very important. This is because many of us will miss updates on sites such as Twitter, simply because we were out and about when the link was shared. Sharing content several times will help to ensure that it goes further, reaches more people and gains more traction.

If you’re producing content then we’d encourage you to persevere, identify areas where you can improve and take steps towards sharing it more effectively. After all, sharing content is just as important as creating content.